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Graduate School Admissions

Crimson's Graduate School Admissions program provides top-tier, customizable support for applications to graduate, doctoral, and fellowship programs.
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So What Do We Offer?

Admissions Consulting

Admissions Consulting

Preparatory Consulting

Graduate Preparatory Package

Fellowship Applications

Fellowship Applications

Junior Strategy

Add-on Services

Admissions Consulting

Comprehensive OR Flex packages, each including 1:1 support with a field-specific expert for applications to US or UK graduate programs.

Graduate Preparatory Package

4 1:1 strategic consulting sessions on determining a track for one’s graduate studies.

This condensed service is designed for students undecided on which graduate degree to pursue (if any) given their long-term career goals.

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Profile Evaluation

Receive an expert's evaluation of your academic and professional profile, noting quantitative and qualitative elements plus standardized testing needs.

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Option Overview

Discuss field, degree, and pathway options available to you with your Strategist, they taking note of your interests and qualifications.

Program Selection

Receive targeted guidance on finding and selecting programs aligned with your personal, educational and career preferences.

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Personalized Report

Obtain a bespoke report outlining best-fit options for you, along with strategic recommendations on how to strengthen your profile.

Fellowship Application Support

Comprehensive, 1:1 application support for applications to prestigious fellowships and scholarships, including Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Knight-Hennessy, Commonwealth, and Chevening.

essay support
Essay Support

Receive targeted feedback during the drafting, editing, and review stages of your personal statement, supplemental essays, and short-answer responses.

CV Review

Obtain expert guidance on drafting, editing, and reviewing your professional and academic CV in light of your target fellowship.

Interview Training

Gain insider understanding of the interview process, including format, common questions, and appropriate framing for your answers. Cap it off with mock interviews and feedback to ensure you're prepared.

Recommendation Guidance

Learn how to best identify and communicate with recommenders to ensure their letters effectively support your application.

Add-on Services

Crimson's targeted services to enhance your candidacy pre-application.

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