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How to Get into NYU: Tips from a Former Admissions Advisor

24/05/202429 minute read
How to Get into NYU: Tips from a Former Admissions Advisor

With its urban flair, international reach, exceptional rankings, and a tremendous number of degree programs, NYU is an exceptional university, but also highly selective. Getting into NYU is not easy but certainly offers great opportunities for undergraduates. In this blog post former NYU admissions officer Joe Picini is going to provide his expert insider tips on how you can make your application stand out and increase your chances of getting into NYU.

New York University is an excellent choice for students interested in a top-tier education at an institution with global reach situated in the middle of New York City.

And, if New York City isn't enough, NYU also has degree-granting campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai! In addition, liberal arts and global studies majors can opt to spend their first year of undergraduate study in London, Madrid, Florence, Washington D.C., or other global NYU academic centers — an offering that has earned NYU a #1 ranking in Study Abroad programs from US News and World Report.

NYU ranks in the top 40 nationally in the US News Best Colleges list, and #3 on the list of Top 50 Green Colleges in the US, and ranks #16 on the US News & World Report’s Most Innovative Schools list.

A Mosaic of Scholars, Programs, Places, and Schools

NYU is uniquely cosmopolitan, with its own cache, but where will you fit in? After all, NYU stands out for its patchwork of diverse programs and schools, each with its own character, intensity, and top-flight academic offerings.

  • The Liberal Studies Core (LSC) program makes Liberal Arts NYU's most popular major. LSC offers a creative, global, and interdisciplinary approach, comprising nearly 100 majors. LSC students also benefit from diverse study abroad opportunities at other amazing international cities, in addition to unique opportunities to develop deep critical perspectives and explore diverse social, cultural, and political traditions.
  • Tisch School of the Arts is a magnet for students passionate about developing talent, and careers, in dance, drama, film, or television. In fact, this year’s list of Tony Award nominees reads like a virtual Who’s Who of Tisch alumni, and three more Tisch alumni were Pulitzer Prize finalists this year.
  • The Tandon School of Engineering is a STEM mecca, offering an array of engineering concentrations, from Business and Technology Management to Biomolecular Science, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Engineering, all with an accent on experiential learning, access to a 10,000 square foot maker space and, like other NYU programs, opportunities to study abroad. Tandon also advances opportunity, access, and diversity across STEM pathways with an accelerated BS/MS degree program, robust tutoring resources, and support for intentional communities, programs, and celebrations promoting Black, Latino, and Women engineering students.
  • The Stern School of Business is a top destination for business majors, offering five independent business degree pathways. The core BS in Business program alone offers 12 concentrations, 8 multidisciplinary tracks, and an opportunity to study business in London. There’s also a Business Technology and Entrepreneurship BS program, another in Accounting, and an International Business degree program that includes two semesters of study abroad at selected NYU academic centers around the world. Programs in Accounting, Management, International Business, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis all rank in the top 10 in the US.

Stern College of Business Professor Sonia D. Marciano was recognized as a 2023 Best Undergraduate Professor. Prior to teaching at Stern, Professor Marciano taught courses at Columbia Business School and at Harvard’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.

In class, her emphasis on real-world current events and the use of case studies to connect abstract concepts to practical applications demonstrates her profound influence on shaping how we view and engage with business practices and trends. Her teaching style is truly unique. She has an innate ability to cut through the extraneous and dive straight into the heart of complex issues.

As you can see, NYU is really an amalgamation of schools and programs highly regarded for excellence, each program a reflection of NYU's ethos but also excelling with initiatives and programs that stand out all on their own.

This makes NYU a top destination of students around the US and the world, but also one requiring some reflection when applying.

How do your interests, goals, and passions fit into this mosaic made up of NYU, the Big Apple itself, and these many highly regarded and, in some respects, highly individual schools and programs?

Fortunately, our guest contributor knows NYU admissions almost as much as anyone, so keep reading for more about what NYU looks for in students, and for some very specific tips and insights for getting into NYU.

About Our Contributor

A former NYU admissions officer with years of experience in both admissions and student outreach and recruiting, Joe Picini is on board to share an inside perspective on what it takes to get into NYU.

As a former Assistant Director and Senior Director of Admissions at NYU, Joe read and scored thousands of NYU applications, supervised new admissions officers, and contributed to modernizing NYU’s holistic evaluation process, so Joe really knows what goes on behind the scenes when admissions decisions are made. With NYU becoming more competitive, we're hoping you can benefit from Joe's insights and our in-depth look into what makes NYU unique.

“There are important lessons to be inferred from the remarkable growth in applications to NYU over the last dozen years: young people are eager for a rigorous liberal arts education that builds on the vibrancy and diversity of urban settings... [with] access to internships and global learning and research opportunities.”

- Andrew Hamilton, NYU President

How Hard Is It to Get into NYU?

To better gauge what's required to get into NYU, we asked Joe Picini to update us on NYU admission rates and the academic profiles of students who have been admitted.

Admissions Rates Are Highly Selective

For the class of 2028, New York University officials admitted only 9,440 students from a total 118,000 applications, yielding a highly selective 8% acceptance rate.

Joe points out that Early Decision (ED) applicants typically enjoy acceptance rates that are 2 to 3x better than for Regular Decision applicants, but notes that ED rounds are also becoming more crowded each year.

And, even when ED rates hover around 20%, that still leaves NYU more competitive than many other great US institutions. Even more daunting — admission rates can drop below 5% for some of NYU’s most competitive colleges and programs!

It’s hard to know from available data, but typically the three undergraduate colleges touted as extra competitive are the Stern School of Business, the Tisch School of the Arts, and the College of Arts & Sciences.

NYU Overall Acceptance Rate
Class ofNumber of ApplicationsNumber of Accepted StudentsAcceptance Rate

Academic Profile of Admitted Students at NYU
GPASAT ScoresACT ScoresClass Rank
3.71470-157033-35Top 10%

NYU Common Data Set, Class of 2026

GPA: Almost all students admitted had a GPA of 3.75 or higher. 23% had a 4.0.

SAT: The top 25% of admitted students scored a 1560 or higher on the SAT (Class of 2026). The top 50% scored 1520 or higher.

ACT: 96% of admitted students scored between 30 and 36, but students in the mid 50% range scored between 33 and 35.

What Is NYU Looking For?

Joe says doing research into NYU’s ethos and digging beneath surface features to find specific programs, opportunities, or resources that resonate with your educational goals will allow you to align personal activities and interests with NYU’s community values and academic offerings, key to getting noticed by admissions officers.

It's important that admissions officers at NYU get a clear understanding of why you want to attend NYU, in a way that goes beyond superficial school features.

In addition, certain themes and values, such as "sustainability, social justice, and working to make the world a better place" are core to the NYU identity, says Joe. Therefore, "demonstrating how you've worked to support this in your own context is a way to present yourself as a good fit for the campus culture."

“We are looking for peacemakers, changemakers, global citizens, boundary breakers, creatives and innovators...”

- NYU Supplemental Essay Prompt (2023-24)

The Five Hallmarks of a Good Fit for NYU

Here are some key intellectual and educational ideals and values shaping campus life at NYU. Use these insights to tailor your application and essays in ways that make you stand out as a top candidate.

1. Academic Fit With a Specific School or Program

Joe is eager to remind students that NYU offers an astounding 270+ majors, 10 schools and colleges in New York alone, and 2 additional degree-granting campuses, in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. Joe recommends you do personal research into relevant schools, programs, and offerings, so your application speaks to a few very specific, personally genuine, and compelling motivations and interests you have for going to NYU.

Research Tips for Learning More About NYU:

Drill Down on the NYU Website

The NYU website has lots of gems of information, but you’ll need to look for them.

For example, if you’re applying to an engineering program, you might start by going to the About Page for the Tandon School of Engineering. That’s a good place to start, but you’d be surprised what else you can find by digging a bit deeper.

See the ‘Labs and Groups’ tab? There you can find out about specific academic communities and concentrations, and critical clinical resources devoted to areas of specialized interest for NYU engineering faculty and students — each with its own website too! (Explore the rabbit hole, but don’t get lost there!)

Identifying a lab group aligned with your interests can be a great way to anchor a portion of an essay. Essentially, you want to link some specific interests, accomplishments, or areas of personal curiosity to some very specific learning opportunities you’re excited about at NYU.

Wait, is performing arts your thing? In a similar way you’ll probably want to drill down to the ‘Studios’ pages on Tisch School of the Arts web pages. If you didn’t know already, you’ll discover there are 8 professional training studios in the drama department, each focusing on a unique acting method. You’d definitely want admissions officers to know you knew this, and which studios or methods you’re excited about and why:

Upon acceptance, students are placed in one of eight different primary training studios where they learn the skills needed to proceed to an advanced level of training. Students remain in their primary training studio for four consecutive semesters, each building upon the last. Advanced training begins once primary training is completed. Students may take advantage of additional professional training options, which include advanced training at their own or other primary studios, specialized training such as classical and on-camera acting, study abroad, and internship programs.

Remember, don’t just list specific courses or resources you’re interested in, make authentic connections between your academic interests and NYU that show your interest in getting in is real and genuine.

Other tabs, pages, or links you can explore for specific colleges, programs, and academic offerings on the larger NYU website include faculty highlights, alumni news and success stories, and insights into specific academic topics, events, and resources, among others.

Make the Most of a School Visit and Tour

Many times students use school visits to “get a feel” for a school before deciding to apply there. However, a school visit is also a great opportunity to get more insider information on programs and resources or faculty specifically related to your educational goals and areas of academic interest.

If you’re able to visit the school, look for ways to dig deeper, beyond the standard college tour — such as talking to NYU faculty members or academic advisors to learn more about the programs that most interest you and for insights into strong fits between your interests and the school’s offerings you might not otherwise be aware of.

Internet Forums & Networks

Another way to look behind the curtain is to hear what actual NYU students (their parents, or other NYU insiders) know about specific programs, opportunities, faculty, instructional approaches, or resources, through online forums, such as College Confidential or Reddit.

For example, an applicant to Tisch School of the Arts’ drama program would probably want admissions officers to know how much they would value being part of the unique studio training experience Tisch offers, as pointed out by a Tisch parent on College Confidential.

Another thread would alert you to the fact that Tisch has recently established a unique drama training facility called “The New Studio” and several Board Members are luminaries in the drama world, including some Tony Award winning directors and actors, as well as high-profile talent agents.

Remember, you’ll find lots that’s not relevant as you dig around, but you’re also going to boost your chances for unearthing a nugget or two about things that really matter to you that you didn’t even know. These unique connections can in turn elevate your application and boost your chances of getting into NYU, even one of its most selective colleges, such as Tisch or Stern.

You can also use professional networks to try to connect with alumni in your area of study who may be willing to share personalized advice and insights. The NYU Alumni network or LinkedIn might help you connect.

Okay, but what if you’re applying as an undecided student?...

Joe says that’s completely ok! In such a case, speak to the broader opportunities that attending NYU will provide you as you explore your interests and purposefully search for the more specialized academic and career pathways you want to invest in. And remember, while Tisch, Stern, and Tandon, for example, may mostly vet applications from students with lots of specialization, prominent liberal arts offerings designed for more exploratory learning are also highly regarded at NYU and attract a large number of students.

Pro Tip: Joe suggests prospective applicants check out the Meet NYU site and look for up-to-date application tips coming directly from admissions officers — the people reading your application! This is one more way you can take the pulse of the school and address key areas of interest and alignment in your application.

2. Creativity & Independent Spirit

NYU seeks students who thrive in a dynamic, self-directed environment. NYU marketers even branded this type of student with the catchphrase "Comfortable Anywhere, Effective Everywhere." This means demonstrating personal traits such as creativity, resourcefulness, and an independent spirit could help you get into NYU.

Show Initiative

NYU is definitely a place for the go-getter. The most successful NYU students are typically the ones who have the initiative needed to purposefully navigate and take advantage of the dizzying array of events, programs, networks, and activities spanning both the campus and New York itself.

In such a dynamic academic and urban setting, losing one’s way could be a real risk; one admissions officers know is real. By showing initiative-taking you’ll speak directly to this concern.

Did you start a club at your high school or help solve a problem at the school, or in your community? Have you done independent research, or simply taken an interest in learning more deeply about a topic on your own, outside the classroom?

Highlight Independence and Determination

New York City is a fast-paced urban environment that attracts people who are independent, confident, and self-reliant. Highlight accomplishments or character traits that show you’re ready and excited to be at the epicenter of big city life and in a sometimes competitive learning environment.

Have you traveled alone or lived in a big city? Are you self-directed and self-reliant? In what ways? Are you academically driven, curious and self-directed?

Key here is that neither NYU, nor New York, the city, have much in common with the quiet and contemplative environments of many small town liberal arts schools.

The pursuit of excellence and innovation, the dynamic mix of liberal arts, performing arts, engineering, and business offerings, the remarkable global networks and many international students, all of these make NYU one of the most eclectic, high-octane academic institutions in the country, maybe the world, mirroring the diversity, richness, and intensity of New York, the city.

Whether of the caffeinated and extroverted variety, or the contemplative, introspective, or theoretical stripe, admissions officers will likely be looking for convincing signs that you’re ready to thrive in this environment!

3. An "Act Local Think Global" Mindset

If New York University ranks #1 nationally for Study Abroad offerings, it’s for good reasons. In addition to additional campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, NYU operates 14 smaller, non-degree-granting academic centers around the world.

  • NYU London: The largest NYU study abroad academic center, located in the heart of London. NYU London hosts select first-year students in the NYU Liberal Studies Core program and Global Liberal Studies program .
  • NYU Florence: NYU Florence is located at a 57-acre estate with five villas overlooking Florence, Italy, a living classroom for Renaissance art and culture. Students take intensive Italian classes as well as other humanities courses in subjects such as art history, photography, anthropology, and more — on campus, and exploring up close the historical architecture and masterpieces of Western art that abound in Florence and in its famous museums!
  • NYU Paris: Located in the heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter (the student district), this academic center offers all the same kinds of great study abroad opportunities as NYU Florence.
  • More NYU academic centers like these are scattered across the globe: in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Prague, Accra, Tel Aviv, Washington, D.C., Sydney, Los Angeles, and, opening in the Spring of 2025, Tulsa (Arizona).


NYU encourages the open exchange of ideas as a way to cultivate mutual understanding and promote intellectual growth. Therefore, says Joe, he and other admissions offers at NYU were typically eager to see evidence of intellectual curiosity, empathy, and social awareness when reviewing candidates' applications.

How can you spotlight your own relational and emotional growth, your openness to new ideas, to learning about and making friends with students from other places and cultures?

Emphasis on Sustainability and Social Justice

NYU values global citizenship, informed perspectives, and awareness of critical global challenges. In fact, NYU has earned recognition for its own environmental sustainability initiatives. Joe recommends you look for ways to share your own global outlook and communicate any motives or interests you have relating to global citizenship or cultural exchanges, for example, as another way to help your application stand out.

International Study

If you're applying to study at one of NYU's international campuses, in Shanghai or Abu Dhabi for example, it's not necessary to have traveled there, but it is important to convey why you're passionate about other places and cultures, or studying abroad in particular.

Is it a personal experience you've had exploring a culture or learning a second language? A global affairs interest? An intellectual or experiential connection you have with the specific international campus you're applying to, or to that city, country, or culture?

In the end, says Joe, "if you've traveled the world or taken part in environmental initiatives, great. If not, that's okay too, it's about expressing a willingness and desire to experience bigger horizons and demonstrating an awareness and interest about important issues facing your generation."

Pro Tip: This article about NYU in Abu Dhabi, by a senior admissions officer at the Abu Dhabi campus, offers some unique insider perspectives for students applying to an overseas NYU campus.

4. Community Service

Applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to their communities through community service showcase awareness of societal needs and may be more likely to enact meaningful change in their chosen fields.

A community service mindset also dovetails with other pivotal NYU values, such as its social justice perspectives and strong commitments to engaged environmental action. So, when talking about community service, be sure to highlight not just what you did, but the personal motives and values connected with your desire to serve.

5. Inquiry and Intellectual Curiosity

NYU prizes academic motivation in its admissions criteria, recognizing it as a crucial ingredient of an NYU application and one that helps ensure students will thrive within the institution's demanding academic environment.

  • Think beyond transcripts and test scores (which we'll talk about next) and describe your own intellectual passions and ways of thinking.
  • Look for ways to spotlight traits such as intellectual curiosity and analytical thinking abilities.
  • Express an interest in applied learning, such as what connections do you see between your academic goals and your "think global" mindset?
  • Give an example of your own intellectual curiosity.

Have you done independent research — formal or informal — into a topic you're passionate or curious about? Are there philosophical problems you ponder, or social issues you like to investigate, beyond the classroom doors?

Keep It Authentic!

Drawing on the insights we've just shared and using your own research into campus life and programs at NYU to tailor your application should give you a leg up and boost your chances for getting accepted to NYU.

That said, as you keep in mind what NYU is looking for and what NYU offers, authenticity should always remain a hallmark of your essays and activity descriptions, even as you take care to ensure your college aspirations intersect with what NYU offers and values.

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Academic Requirements for NYU

Even in NYU's holistic admissions process, your academic achievements will be a crucial part of almost every competitive application. Grades, transcripts, and evidence of course rigor, along with strong standardized test scores are the key components that need to stand out.

Your GPA & Transcripts

3.75 GPA and Higher: The average high school GPA of admitted students at NYU is approximately 3.8. We recommend aiming for a minimum 3.75 to be competitive.

IB Score Equivalents: For those enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, this GPA level would generally translate to scoring mostly 6s and achieving a minimum total score of around 36 or higher.

Courses & Academic Rigor. To be competitive, you'll typically want your transcripts to show the following:

  • four years of study across all foundational subjects, including foreign languages and arts and humanities
  • enrollment in sequentially more advanced courses, within core subjects, from one year to the next
  • a solid academic foundation for your college major, such as completing courses in physics, chem, and calculus for engineering majors

SAT/ACT Test Scores

NYU is currently test optional, but test scores are considered for admissions, when submitted, making a strong SAT or ACT score one more crucial way to boost your academic profile for admission to NYU.

Joe says figures from the most recent Common Data Set for NYU highlight why submitting SAT or ACT scores and performing well on these tests is highly recommended:

  • For the Class of 2026, 26% of admitted students submitted SAT scores, and 11% submitted ACT scores.
  • Admitted students who scored in the top 50th percentile had a composite SAT score of 1,560 or higher, or 34 or higher on the ACT.

Remember, test scores are optional in the end, so if your efforts don't reward you with a competitive score, you'll want to consider if withholding your score is the better strategy. A Crimson Strategist can also help guide your decision making in instances like these.

Tips for Overcoming Academic Gaps

Do you have a less than stellar academic record? If so, NYU admissions expert Joe Picini says it can certainly make getting into NYU more challenging. Here are some of the more effective ways Joe saw NYU applicants addressing this kind of issue in their applications:

  • presenting a strong or uniquely personal and compelling motivation or preference for attending NYU can help make up for an academic shortcoming
  • sharing (without too much private detail) about extenuating circumstances or personal challenges that help account for the academic shortcoming and might also spotlight qualities such as determination, resilience, resourcefulness, and/or perseverance
  • submitting strong letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors who know you well and can give reasons why they're confident you can thrive at NYU

Essays & Extracurriculars

You may be thinking of your essays and activities lists as a major application chore. Instead, Joe Picini says think of these sections as application gold.

Remember all those insights Joe shared about what NYU is looking for? In essence, these components of your application are a golden opportunity to give admissions officers a well-rounded picture of you as an excited, motivated, and ideal NYU student — as if it were already a done deal that NYU is the place for you!

Plan Before You Write

You'll probably want to think through how you'll capitalize on this opportunity before getting to work on your essays and extracurriculars. Here are two tips Joe says to keep in mind:

  • Make a strong impression right out of the gate: NYU has over 100,000 applications every year, "so when writing your essays it's important to have a clear hook, and get to the point early in the essay — no leaving a 'big reveal' for the last paragraph!"
  • Map out a clear strategy: You have limited real estate available to give admissions officers a glimpse into your world and why you're a good fit for NYU, so Joe recommends mapping out "how you'll take advantage of each aspect of the application to share something new and highly relevant, while also reinforcing a coherent overall narrative."


  • The Common App offers numerous prompts to choose from. Think about which prompt will best complement NYU's supplemental essay prompt in your overall essay strategy.
  • As you select your Common App prompt and develop your essay, think about how you might use it to highlight passions, introspection, and relational values, as opposed to achievements and accomplishments, with an eye to the NYU values we've highlighted.


  • Joe says that NYU admissions officers will be looking for how your activities list showcases initiative, creativity, a global mindset... in short, the NYU values we've talked about. Think of ways to use your activities list to highlight personal experiences or qualities that reveal why you're ready to make the most of studying and living in a thriving world-class city and at a dynamic university.
  • Here's another big tip from Joe: think outside the box when looking for ways your activities list can help you stand out as a well-rounded and authentic young scholar:

Often we admissions officers will see the same kinds of activities for the majority of applicants to a highly competitive and specialized program. It quickly becomes commonplace that the Tisch School of Drama applicant will have four years of theater activities, and the Tandon School of Engineering student built their own computer in their junior year. While that's natural of course, and there's nothing wrong with that, imagine how you'd stand out in the pack if you were an actor who started a headshot business for their peers, or a business major who was involved in their local cultural or religious community and volunteered to help tutor younger children?

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Top Ways to Boost Your Odds for NYU

1. Apply early

NYU offers an Early Decision application option. Joe points out that ED applications to NYU have skyrocketed over the past few years, but applying ED can still give you a far more favorable acceptance rate overall.

Chances are, by applying ED you'll benefit from an acceptance rate 2.5x higher or more than the acceptance rate for regular-round applicants, and you'll convey a strong interest in attending NYU over other schools.

Early Action requires a commitment to attend if accepted, so it's good to weigh the pros and cons thoughtfully and consider getting a personalized assessment from a Crimson Advisor.

2. Have a Strong Essay Strategy

Your Common App prompt and NYU supplemental essay prompt are a golden opportunity to make your NYU application stand out, so plan carefully how you'll develop both essays to enhance your profile, going beyond your academic record and extracurriculars to ensure you're spotlighting personal growth, introspection, and your passion and excitement for NYU, New York City, and NYU-style values.

3. Make Your App NYU-Centric

Joe says it's hard to overemphasize, from his perspective, how important it is to convey deep knowledge about your genuine interests in attending NYU. This includes meaningful and authentic references to specific schools and programs and how these align with your interests and motivations:

NYU is highly complex and nuanced, so understanding which program, school, or major is the right fit (or combination of options) is the first starting point. Once you know what you’re interested in, you can tailor your application based on what program (or programs) you’re considering — something you may want a Crimson Education strategist or other counselor to help you with.

4. Tailored Letters of Rec

Pick your recommenders strategically and be willing to guide them (very respectfully) in what you hope they might be able to comment on:

Don't Just Rehash Your List of Good Grades: Joe likes to remind students that "they're going to be exposed to all kinds of new and challenging things at NYU. Being able to show grit through challenge, and how you’ve grown or persevered through that challenge is a much greater example of how you’ll handle challenging situations at NYU than are teacher accolades about a course you got an 'easy A' in – even if it’s a very advanced class."

Think of Your Letter as a Testimonial: Prompt your letter writer (respectfully) to provide some up-close insights into your relational qualities, beyond academics:

If that teacher in that class you thrived in is your best faculty option, how else could you demonstrate the type of community member you’d be beyond your academic prowess? Did they see you help other students who might’ve been struggling? Did they appreciate ways you made meaningful contributions to discussions, enriching the course experience for other students?

Final thoughts

Putting together a really competitive app is a challenge, but keeping a strong focus on why you’re excited to attend NYU will not only energize you for the task; it will help you keep your eye on why you’re a good fit for NYU and how you’ll thrive at NYU — key ingredients for tailoring your application so it makes a strong impression.

A smart approach means doing your homework too: you’ll want to take some time to explore and investigate specific programs, degree concentrations, faculty stars, and resources NYU offers. This should add to your excitement as well as your knowledge of ways your interests intersect with specific offerings. This combination of excitement and alignment should get the attention of the admissions officers! 

Once you see the best ways your interests and NYU align, map out how you'll tailor the more fluid components, like essays and activities lists, to highlight different aspects of your profile while also maintaining a coherent overall narrative.

Finally, be sure to run some of your ideas by others, and get some outside perspectives on your application components from someone who knows you well, to see what you might improve. 

If you want a deeper level of insights, support, and guidance, book a free consultation with our experienced college counselors to get a comprehensive and personalized game plan with expert mentoring and coaching support for each component of your application.

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