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Crimson Education was founded in 2013 by New Zealanders Jamie Beaton, Fangzhou Jiang and Sharndre Kushor, who, inspired by their own academic goals and accomplishments, set out to help other students reach their individual university admissions goals.

With the visions of equalising the university admissions playing field and progressing college admissions support and education technology into the 22nd century, the small team grew to a global staff of experts.

In the years that have passed, Crimson has continued to attract some of the world’s most respected, accomplished and experienced minds in education, business, technology and venture capital as board members, advisors, governors and investors.

Find out more about the executive and advisory teams that power Crimson, and our valued investors below.

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At Crimson we are fortunate to have investors who both appreciate the life-changing value of education and the need to progress global education practices. Our investors range from successful individuals to globally recognised companies who have added Crimson to their portfolios which include other world leading organisations such as Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Quora, Eventbrite, Stripe and more.

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