How to Visit College Campuses (Virtually) During COVID-19 (2021)

30 JUL 2021

It’s likely that social distancing, hybrid learning, and limited in-person interaction will persist for the next school year. For high school students, you may realize this is also an essential time to start figuring out which college is best for you.

It’s no easy feat to get a feel for potential schools and campuses without visiting them for yourself. There are questions you want to ask, dorms you want to see, and dining hall food you want to try. While we haven’t quite mastered the technology of allowing you to do all of these from your couch, we’ve come close.

Our experts recommend checking out websites that offer virtual tours of hundreds of different college campuses. - This website offers 360-degree and virtual reality walking tours of 600+ colleges complete with a virtual tour guide offering tips and insight about each school. is the largest producer of professional college video tours, and a great way to utilize some of your free time wisely!

Crimson Education has created and nurtured the largest education YouTube channel on college life! Our admissions experts and video gurus have curated different series that allows students to take a look inside different colleges and what life is like at each institute. Below are some of our different series and a little bit of what each series entails!

A Day in the Life - Virtually follow students around for a day at different top schools like Stanford, Harvard, Dartmouth, UCLA, Cambridge, Oxford, and more! These students talk all about campus life, extracurriculars, and what class rigor is like!

Big Questions - Have an itching question about Georgetown? Are you curious about what the food is like at Johns Hopkins? What about the dorms at MIT? Check out the Big Questions series to get all of your questions answered by current students.

Campus Eats: Best Food at Colleges - Grubbing on a budget? Check out the Campus Eats series for insider tips on how to eat the best food at the nation’s top schools and surrounding cities on a student budget. Hungry yet?

And finally, what would be a YouTube page without reviews? Check out our Student Testimonial series. If you’d like to chat with a Crimson Advisor about your chances of gaining admission to any top schools in the US or UK, schedule a complimentary assessment here!

Shannon F.

Written by

Shannon F.

Shannon completed her Bachelors at Franklin University Switzerland where she majored in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies & minored in Social Justice and Sustainability. Shannon has a passion for environmental and social justice and immersing herself in new cultures. Shannon has worked in higher education and now works as the Community Outreach & Engagement Lead with Crimson. Shannon currently lives in California and enjoys reading, water polo, hiking, yoga, and traveling.

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