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Crimson students are over 4.5x more likely to gain admission to the Ivy League, Stanford, Duke, UChicago and other top 10 schools — with 100% of our students gaining admission to at least one of their target schools.
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How Crimson Works

At Crimson, our deeply personalized approach to college application support involves surrounding each student with a team of highly skilled experts — including Former Admissions Officers from the Ivy League and other top 10 colleges.

Unlike other consultancies, our approach is built on multiple years of complex admissions data which has enabled our experts to continually tweak and strengthen their programs in line with current admissions trends.

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Admissions counseling and comprehensive support for every stage of your application journey

98% of our students gain admission to at least one of their top 5 school choices, thanks to the hard work of our talented students and their dedicated teams.

Great academics are an undeniable advantage, but they’re no longer enough to guarantee acceptance to a top college. At Crimson, we help students maximize every aspect of their application, making sure they stand out above the tens of thousands of qualified applicants.

At Crimson we offer:

Full application strategy

Our counselors have an accumulative 350 years experience in college admissions, many having made decisions in admission offices of the Ivy League, Stanford, Duke and more. Beyond college selection, our counselors assure their students' applications have a strong overarching theme that aligns with their personal passions, achievements and ambitions.

High-level extracurricular building

Our extracurricular support — provided by hand-picked professionals in their fields — includes the building of complex capstone projects, high level research with college professors, internships with companies such as Uber, Amazon, Ferrari and more, and competitive summer programs in specific areas of interest.

Academic support

The depth of our top-scoring tutoring staff allows us to provide not just expert SAT and ACT tutoring, but extensive subject area support. Many of our students supplement their school offerings with additional AP classes/subjects taught by qualified teachers, while our IB students are guided by IB experts in a full range of subject offerings.

Comprehensive application essay support

Our essay mentors guide students through the entire essay construction process for the personal statement and supplemental essays, including identifying effective topics, building a compelling narrative, and crafting highly specific answers to school-specific supplemental questions.

Unique Extracurricular Offerings

In an increasingly competitive admissions landscape, unique extracurriculars resonate above and beyond those of other accomplished applicants. Just some of our additional college candidacy-building offerings include:

  • Indigo Research which pairs students with top college professors and PhD students to complete college level research
  • Indigo Research Summer and Winter Programs enable students to supercharge their school breaks with specialized research projects under the guidance of top college professors
  • Crimson Young Pioneers, an exclusive joint program by Crimson
    & KIDsforSDGs which sees students work on advancing the 17 UN Sustainable Development
    Goals via innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship
  • Crimson Careers which provides students the opportunity to undertake work experiences with companies like Uber, Amazon, HSPBC, PwC, Ferrari, Dentons Law, The Economist, Salesforce and more.
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Meet Our Expert Strategists and Former Admissions Officers (FAOs)

Our admissions counselors and FAOs have supported their students in gaining admission to every Ivy League school, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, UChicago, UCLA, UC Berkeley and every other Top 50 US school at 4.5x the general applicant rate. Our students have multiple chances to work with FAOs one-on-one and/or have their applications assessed by FAOs in an admissions simulation round table. Crimson's FAOs have made tens of thousands of decisions on who gets in and who does not at top universities, and it is this insight that both shapes our students’ application strategy AND assures that when they hit ‘submit’, they know they have left no stone unturned in the competitive application process.

Our Results

Crimson students are 4.5x more likely to gain admission to the Ivy League and other top colleges compared to the general applicant. 100% of our students are admitted into at least one of their target schools. Our recent early round results represented the best of any consultancy in the USA. Our student offers include:

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Ready to get started on your path to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and more?