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College Athlete Recruiting

Crimson’s athletic experts are former Ivy League coaches and/or top college athletes who guide their student-athletes through the recruitment AND the increasingly important broader application process.

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College Recruitment: The Crimson Difference

Unlike other sports-focused consultancies, we approach every athlete’s case in line with their individual needs.

We understand that every athlete is different — depending on their sport(s), their performance level, the interest they may be attracting, the colleges/programs they are aiming for and their academic and professional goals.

Crimson supports student-athletes with every element of their recruitment strategy and, if needed, their Common Application.

At Crimson each of our student-athletes is teamed with a group of experts in recruitment AND application strategy — increasing the athlete’s chances of rising above similarly talented students in the top school recruitment process.

Athlete Recruitment

Dual Pathway or Athletics-only Strategy

While Crimson works with many elite athletes who are primarily focused on athletics as the driver of their college experience, we also work with many who want to use their athletics to leverage their chances of admission at academically competitive institutions.

If you are a student athlete aiming for a top college, your greatest chance of recruitment lies not just in your sports record, but also in supplementing these talents with a solid academic and overall application profile — in other words, you need a Dual Pathway Strategy.

This is where Crimson’s experts support their student-athletes above and beyond other consultancies, helping athletes to:

  • Build a comprehensive personalized recruitment roadmap with timelines, athletic/academic benchmarks and a stand-out application profile that stands out above other potential recruits
  • Identify programs that both match the student’s athletic abilities and academic goals — building reach schools into the recruitment planning and process
  • Educate families on recruitment nuances such as the Ivy League Academic Index and other valuable insights that play a major role in top college recruitment success
01. University selection strategy

Crimson takes top college recruitment support a step further

Crimson’s student-athletes are guided through every step of the often complex recruitment process, making sure each and every element is completed perfectly and in line with sport-dependent recruitment calendars.

Our recruitment support includes:

Coach outreach

Our strategists help student-athletes identify target coaches and execute a comprehensive coach communication strategy, from building a tailored athletic portfolio (inclusive of a professionally crafted bio, athletic history, notable achievements and representative honors) to support on all aspects of coach communication.

Recruitment video production

Our experienced sport videographers help athletes produce a recruitment video that showcases both their athletic skill and potential to improve in a high-performance system, helping athletes and their families to select and edit supplied in-competition footage alongside filming professional footage.

Unlimited, personalized guidance

Our team provides student-athletes with unlimited backend communication support to compliment our more structured video call support (a major contrast to other services). We have an intentional, proactive approach to school targeting based on academic and athletic alignment. We also offer athletic development for student-athletes who have yet to begin the recruiting process.

Scholarship and financial aid negotiation

Our experts also help student-athletes and their families navigate the complex process of scholarship negotiation, guiding them through the communication process and helping them secure the best financial aid package possible. Crimson educates athletes and their families on negotiation etiquette, dealing with multi-coach and program interest, and guiding students through mock interviews to support with final negotiations.

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Our Student-Athletes' Success

Following is a list of just some of the colleges that have offered admission to our recruits: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Cornell, Brown, MIT, Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley, NYU, Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, Rice, USC, Vanderbilt, UC Davis, UT Austin, Boston University, Boston College, Penn State, UMichigan Ann Arbor, University of Alabama, Tufts, Babson, Arizona State, Utah State, UMass, Claremont McKenna, Emory, University of Oregon, Temple, South Dakota State and many more. These recruits have received offers as student-athletes in the following sports: Cross-country, track & field, swimming, diving, lacrosse, rowing, golf, fencing, field hockey, soccer, water polo, gymnastics, rugby, cycling, sailing, squash, baseball, basketball and more.

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