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Crimson’s athletic experts are current and former professional athletes, collegiate All-Americans and/or former D1 coaches. Our experts provide elite mentorship to each student-athlete, helping them develop as players and providing personalized guidance throughout the entire recruiting process.

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Our Student Athletes' Early Decision Results Are In!

Congratulations to our Class of 2028 student athletes who gained early admission to Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Caltech, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, Emory, Boston University and several more top universities! These students will be joining the Class of 2028 as recruited athletes for rowing, swimming, track & field, cross country, baseball, soccer, basketball, squash, tennis, rugby, field hockey, and fencing!

The Crimson Difference

At Crimson Athletics, we devise a unique recruitment strategy for each athlete that aligns with their individual priorities.

Each athlete’s circumstance is different. As such, each athlete’s recruitment strategy should be unique. At Crimson, we have the ability to combine our intensive, personalized athletic development and recruitment strategy with our elite college admissions consulting services to ensure that our athletes achieve their goals in the admissions process. From the very beginning, we work with athletes and their families to understand their athletic goals, academic ambitions, financial needs and any other priorities that they have, and then we devise a strategy that intentionally addresses these priorities.

Crimson Athletics

Player Development

The Crimson Athletics team consists of elite mentors who understand what it takes to excel at the highest levels of athletics. Our team of former Division 1 Coaches, NCAA All-Americans, former and current professional athletes, and Olympic trialists, mentor their athletes to ensure they are doing everything in their power to increase their chances of recruitment. The one-on-one mentorship through zoom sessions, document collaboration, and messaging includes:

  • Interactive evaluation of athletes’ video footage to inform growth plans and strengthen athlete awareness within their sport
  • Strategic support to address mental approaches to training and performance
  • Film study of elite athletes to elevate “sport IQ”
  • Guidance on how to maximize coaching and resources to accelerate development
  • Feedback on growth trajectory and developmental strategy including insights on training load management, responsible strength and flexibility training implementation and healthy habits for performance and recovery
  • Mentorship, accountability, and encouragement from a relatable professional
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Recruiting Guidance

Crimson’s athletes are guided through every step of the often complex recruitment process, making sure each and every element is completed properly and in line with sport-dependent recruitment calendars. Our recruitment support includes:

Our Athletics Strategists

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Our Student-Athletes' Success

Our recruits have been offered scholarships or earned admission to the following universities: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Cornell, Brown, MIT, Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley, NYU, Northwestern, UNC, Rice, USC, Vanderbilt, Texas, Boston University, Boston College, Penn State, Michigan, Alabama, Tufts, Babson, Arizona State, Utah State, UMass, Claremont McKenna, Emory, Oregon, Temple, South Dakota State and many more.

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