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Private Boarding & Day School Admissions Consulting

Work with top private school admissions specialists to increase your child's chances of acceptance to the best private schools in the US!

What a top private boarding or day school education can do for your child

The advantages of attending a top private boarding or day school are well documented and include:

  • Challenging academics
  • Small class sizes
  • Accomplished teachers
  • Peer learning opportunities
  • First class resources and facilities
  • Advanced co-curricular opportunities
  • Strong sense of community

But another advantage lies in what comes after high school — with many top boarding and day schools such as Phillips Academy Andover and Exeter, Deerfield Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, Groton and more being feeder schools to the Ivy League and other top universities.

Crimson works with many families on gaining admission to these top schools, supporting them with all aspects of the often complex and always competitive application process. Our students are often placed at multiple top schools, finding themselves in the advantageous position of having many options to choose from.

Why Crimson

How our private boarding and day school admissions counseling works

Crimson’s support is unique in its ability to provide a deeply individualized service for every student. We focus on long-term candidacy development with all support delivered by specialized strategists, tutors and mentors.

Our program includes:

Full candidacy development

From academics and extracurricular profile building to summer program applications and writing skills development, our experts leave no stone unturned in their students' admissions journey, helping them set and reach goals with clear and achievable timelines.

School selection and visits

Our experienced boarding and day school counselors help students narrow down their best fit schools in a comprehensive list that aligns with the student's longer term goals (including college admissions). They also support families in communicating with schools to plan campus visits, attend admissions events and schedule interviews.

SSAT tutoring & extracurricular capstone projects

Given the competitive nature of top private school admissions, our support also includes comprehensive SSAT tutoring and extracurricular capstone project planning, building and execution. Together these elements help flesh out a student's candidacy by showcasing their academic strengths and highlighting their specific skills and interests.

Essay support and interview preparation

Our essay mentors provide in-depth support throughout the entire essay writing process from brainstorming and structure to editing and reviewing final drafts. Our interview support includes mock interviews, practice in articulation, guidance on what admissions officers look for and learning how to improvise!

Our Private School Admissions Experts

Our boarding and day school experts are among the most accomplished in the country, many having attended these schools themselves. Meet some of them below!

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What Comes After Boarding / Day School Admissions?

Getting into a top private boarding or day school is just the start of your path towards admission to some of the best colleges in the US. Many of our students, after gaining admission to top private high schools, have gone on to develop their candidacy for top college admission, ultimately being accepted to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and more. Depending on what stage you are at, Crimson Rise or Crimson Core are the next stages in your top college journey.

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