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Top of the Class is a podcast about student achievement and how you can do the same. Subscribe to learn from education experts and gain insights from Ivy League admits, Olympiad medalists and extracurricular superstars so you can make the most of high school.


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Are you aiming for top universities? Hear how Crimson students from around the world have gained admission with insights into their essays, extracurriculars and exam scores.

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Are you aiming for the top universities around the world? Get an insight into the application process, courses choices and more from the experts at Crimson Education.

Latest Student Interviews

Check out the latest episodes or search 'Top of the Class' on your favourite podcast platform to get advice from some of the world's leading students tackling global problems, starting businesses and more.

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How Can Crimson Support Your Dream University Admissions?

Crimson Education is the world’s leading university admissions support company specialising in helping you get into your dream university.