How we use tech to maximize our students' chances of admission

Our EdTech Mission

As an education technology enterprise, Crimson has maintained a strategic focus on building an industry-leading platform, the Crimson App, that can connects our students with their expert mentors while empowering them with an unparalleled level of data, resources, and content.

Our state-of-the-art technology not only results in better connectivity, but also provides our students with the best college application prediction/strategy offering in the world today.

The ultimate college application planning tool - from pathway building to nailing execution

The Crimson App is an exclusive learning management system created with the sole purpose of helping you achieve your Admission Goals!

The App enables you to create customized learning plans, track your progress and communicate with your Crimson team while simultaneously providing you with a wealth of resources to help you along your journey.

Keep reading to learn more about the Crimson App’s state-of-the-art features including:

+ Mission control

+ Your personalized application roadmap

+ Your college application hub

+ The Crimson App Community

Crimson app

Mission Control

The hub of your application

Mission Control helps you build a long-term plan based on your personalized interests and goals. In Mission Control all of your information will be stored and updated enabling you, along with your Crimson mentors, to manage your candidacy based on the following 6 categories.

  • Academics
  • Activities
  • Personal Development
  • Test Scores
  • Honors
  • Careers
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Monitor student progress at all stages

Your own personalized Crimson App roadmap is where your experts create a comprehensive plan for your progress and where you can keep track of any upcoming tasks and activities. The roadmap is highly detailed and individualized and contains your information in easy to track:

List View

Timeline View and

Mindmap View options

app roadmap

College Applications

Stay under control

Here, you and your Crimson strategist can manage your school list and track your application process. In your School Selection and Application Tracker you can monitor key dates making sure all areas of your application are perfected well before any early or regular application deadlines.

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Student Community

Connection & Collaboration

This is where you have the unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with other talented Crimson students from around the world (eg: joining interest groups, forming extracurricular collaborations). You can also get your questions answered by Former Admissions Officers and other Crimson experts who are active in Community chats and hold regular online lectures and events.

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Crimson App for Schools!

Give your students access to our innovative features, to turbocharge their journeys to the world’s top universities.
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