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Crimson students are accepted to Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities at 3x the general admit rate.
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Considering Studying in the UK?

In recent years there has been an increase in US students aiming to study at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK institutions. These students tend to be attracted by:

  • Higher acceptance rates (compared to the Ivy League and other top US schools)
  • Three, rather then four, year degrees (often resulting in a lower cost per degree)
  • The ability to study your chosen degree (eg: Medicine, Law) straight from high school at the undergraduate level
  • The academic focus in the application
  • The narrowed focus of the application (UK applicants are limited to 5 schools)
  • The opportunity to study in the UK and on the doorstep of the European continent!

If studying at world renowned universities in the UK is of interest to you, working with Crimson’s UK experts can increase your chances of admission by over 300%.


Crimson optimizes students' UK admissions success

99% of our students gain admission to at least one of their 5 UCAS choices ( the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service is the portal through which UK applications are submitted, much like the Common App in the US).

Supported by teams that include former Oxford and Cambridge admissions officers, Crimson’s UK applicants build highly competitive applications that resonate with admissions officers at some of the most competitive universities in the UK.

Our UK support includes:

Full application strategy

Given the UCAS system restricts students to 5 applications, it is vital that every student carefully builds an application list that aligns with their personal ambitions. Our UK strategists are experts on ranking, reputation and application criteria per course, per university, and have a firm understanding of how to build a highly competitive application.

Academic enrichment

In response to the highly academic focus of the UK university admissions process, Crimson developed a one-of-a-kind academic/extracurricular support program that builds student subject expertise, academic critical analysis and conceptual understanding skills — all necessary to secure entry to and succeed at the UK's top universities.

Entrance exam prep

Crimson’s UK entrance exam tutors support students to perform at their best in tests such as the Medical Admissions Tests (BMAT/UCAT), Law Admissions Test (LNAT), Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), and many more. Performance in these tests is often linked to the invitation to interview. Our tutors are also aware of the various academic requirements for different courses, assuring students meet all application requirements.

Personal statement support

The UK personal statement requires students to showcase their academic achievements and extracurricular experiences that relate directly to their chosen area of study. Our essay mentors are graduates from Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities who understand exactly what it takes to stand out above other highly accomplished applicants.

The Oxford or Cambridge Interview

The Oxford or Cambridge ‘informational interview’ holds a significantly higher degree of importance compared to the alumni interview conducted by some US universities.

Students are interviewed by a panel of professors and other university faculty who test the applicant on their intellectual understanding of the subject area to which they are applying.

Understanding the significance of this interview process, our Crimson interview experts — many of whom are Oxford and Cambridge graduates — focus on strengthening:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Adaptability (ability to think on your feet)
  • Independent thinking and engagement
01. University selection strategy

Meet Our Expert UK Counselors, Including Former Oxbridge Admissions Officers (FAOs)

Our UK FAOs have worked at Oxford, Cambridge and other Top 10 UK universities including UCL, Imperial, LSE and King’s College London. Having read, interviewed and assessed thousands of applications, our experts maximize their students' chances of gaining admission to each of their 5 UCAS choices — with many of our students gaining admission to all 5.

Our UK Results

Crimson students are 3x more likely to gain admission to Oxford, Cambridge and other Top 10 UK universities. Here are just some of our UK applicants' success statistics!

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Ready to get started on your path to Oxford, Cambridge and other top 10 UK universities?