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It’s no secret that the best US colleges have high academic standards for applicants. In fact, most successful admits to the Ivy League and other Top 10 colleges score in the 90th percentile on the SAT!

Although the SAT has become optional at many universities, if you have access, have studied and believe you can do well, we highly recommend you take it. The SAT (and ACT) serves as a benchmark for universities to evaluate your academic performance and can help you jump the first qualifying hurdle in the application process.

Want to know where you currently stand in your own preparation? Take our mini SAT digital practice test (with instantaneous results) to get a feel for the types of questions asked and an indication of your current strengths and potential weaknesses.


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Our SAT tutoring is known nationwide for its record of lifting students’ scores by 150 points or more. Using a specialized tutoring approach built by former Ivy League professors and PhDs, we offer comprehensive programs with a multitude of practice tests and highly personalized guidance.

We understand just how important the academic piece of the application is when it comes to staying in contention for top school admission, which is why we also offer:

Personalized expert tutoring

Our expert tutors and teachers are top scorers and graduates from the very schools our students are aiming for. They understand what top colleges are looking for and how to maximize your results.

Limitless number of practice tests

Delivered on our own Crimson App, our practice tests are designed to identify a student's strengths and areas that need more attention. All online testing is integrated in the App allowing for instant tutor feedback.

Progress tracking system

This system provides instant notes and detailed data — tracking initial areas of weakness and the progress made in this area. Our students can actively see their progress with each passing tutoring session and practice test.

Flexibility in support

While the great majority of our students benefit from tutoring as part of their college admissions support programs, there is also the option to purchase tutoring programs as stand-alone offerings. To learn more click on the link below.

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