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Crimson Tutoring

From SAT to ACT, AP to IB, learn from top scorers and hand-picked qualified teachers who have helped their students lift their standardized test scores and GPAs for top college admission.

What sets us apart

At Crimson our entire approach to consulting and admissions support is based on our core value of being ‘student outcome obsessed’.

This value is what drives our tutoring services, meaning our tutors are hand-picked for their results, experience and their own academic background with many being graduates from top colleges including the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and more.

From SAT to ACT, to the IB and a plethora of AP subjects, there are few subjects we do not cover as we call upon our vast network of subject specialists and qualified teachers.

You can even acquire a US Diploma from our own online high school, Crimson Global Academy, currently ranked the #3 online high school in the USA! (Niche 2023 Best Online High Schools in America.)

What we do - crimson education
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Our tutoring offerings

While the great majority of our students benefit from tutoring as part of their college admissions support programs, there is also the opportunity to purchase tutoring programs as stand-alone offerings. Here are some examples of programs we offer to current and new Crimson students:

Meet our tutors

Meet just some of Crimson's tutors and teachers, many of whom are top scorers and graduates from the very schools out students are aiming for.

Find the tutoring program that suits you!

At Crimson we strive to make sure every student receives the support best suited to their needs — including any tutoring program geared to their individual subjects, strengths, weaknesses and standardized test goals. We are incredibly proud that our tutors have helped students increase their grades and scores significantly. To secure your own bespoke tutoring program simply chose the option best suited to you and click on the LEARN MORE button.

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A Crimson student SAT case study

Ben is a student from New York who worked with one of our expert SAT mentors, Nick. After working with Nick, Ben not only secured a perfect PSAT score, but also 1590 on his SAT. Ben is on track for his application to MIT. You can learn more about his Crimson tutoring journey below!

What makes Crimson students so successful
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