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There is a reason why we have the best results of any college admissions consultancy in the US — because we surround our students with hand-picked experts that are specialists in every aspect of the application process. Learn more about our comprehensive service offerings below.
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Instead of working with just one individual, we surround you and your family with a group of experts who work together to help you create a compelling, authentic, stand-out, and ultimately successful personal narrative. We understand that the Ivy League, Stanford, and other top colleges hold an increasingly high bar when it comes to the ~4% of students they admit, and our model lifts out students over and above that bar with an average 35% Ivy League and Stanford admit rate.

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Our counselors (called Strategists at Crimson!) are experienced, top college graduates and Former Admissions Officers who will not only guide you on school research and selection, but also oversee the entirety of your application, making sure that it has a strong, stand-out and memorable personal narrative that ties your academic record, interests, awards and extracurriculars together. 

Our counselors are hands-on, data-savvy and results driven — their track record for supporting their students to the Ivy League, Stanford and other college top college acceptances now 7x higher than that of the general applicant.

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Our Extracurricular Support

Crimson is the only consultancy in the US that offers a richly comprehensive program of exclusive extracurricular offerings for students in line with their diverse areas of interest.

These offerings form the backbone of what eventually becomes your stand-out Activities List — a list your Strategist helps you build alongside your Extracurricular Mentors and in line with your personal narrative.

Our extensive extracurricular and leadership offerings include:

Capstone Project Building

Working with your experienced, dedicated and specifically selected Capstone Advisor, you will build a highly unique project that not only acts as stand-out pillar on your Common App Activities List, but also consolidates your unique personal theme with tangible and quantifiable results.

Internships and Work Experience Programs

Crimson's Delta Institute offers bespoke internships and work experience programs with companies such as Uber, Ferrari, The Economist, Amazon, Salesforce, PwC, Dentons Law and more.

Crimson Young Pioneers

Crimson Young Pioneers is an exclusive joint program between Crimson Education and the United Nations' KidsforSDGs, where students have the opportunity to address, solve and contribute to the universal dedication to reach the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

AI and Coding

Our Delta School offers the opportunity for students to work on AI and coding projects alongside academic experts from colleges like MIT, Harvard, Cambridge and UC Berkeley. AI masterclasses are also conducted by professionals from companies like OpenAI, Deepmind, Uber Machine Learning, Canva AI and more.

Unlimited Essay Support

Graduates of the Ivy League and other top schools, our essay experts will help you craft your all-important personal statement and every single supplemental essay and short answer question, ideating, outlining, and providing multiple rounds of revisions until the entire team is happy with your final drafts.

Further we offer essay support for competitive summer program applications, competitions and merit scholarship applications.


Academic Support

In recent months, schools such as Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Brown have reintroduced some form of flex or mandatory standardized test submission, making your SAT/ ACT, AP or IB scores more important than ever.

Using unique tutoring programs and, for example, a new course of specialized Digital SAT support, our tutors will work with you to lift your grades and scores in line with the requirements of your goal colleges.

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Our exclusive Indigo Research Program is a stand-out in the college admissions support landscape, pairing ambitious students with top university professors and PhDs who help students to develop a high-impact research paper in their major area of interest. 

These highly accomplished mentors — from the Ivy League, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and more — help their students to take a dive deep into their academic passions, transforming their ideas and research into tangible, publishable collegiate level achievements.

Indigo Reserach

Athletic Recruitment

In our unique recruitment and athletic development model, our athletes work with experts from their individual sport, combining intensive, personalized athletic development and recruitment strategy with our elite college admissions consulting services.

From the very beginning, we work with athletes and their families to understand their athletic goals, academic ambitions, financial needs and any other priorities that they have, and then we devise a strategy that intentionally addresses these priorities.

Our experts include Olympic trialists, national record holders, Ivy League and other top D1 school athletes and coaches who have helped their athletes get recruited to every Ivy League, Stanford, Duke and other top sporting programs.


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