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Crimson Education is the #1 US college consulting company, helping students get into the Ivy League and Top 15 schools at up to 7x the average rate. Let our experts guide you to success.


Our Services

We go beyond test prep, essays, and activities. Our holistic approach helps you discover your passions, build leadership skills, and craft a compelling narrative that showcases your unique talents.

Admissions Strategy

Crimson students work with a dedicated Strategist to: build a school list tailored to their goals and strengths, strategically choose application deadlines, and ensure their application is tied together by a stand out cohesive theme.

Extracurricular and
Leadership Mentoring

Our Extracurricular Mentors help students build a robust extracurricular profile, including a Leadership (Capstone) Project that serves as the most important and impactful item on their Activities List.

Essay Writing

From ideation and outlining, through multiple rounds of revisions, to delivering polished final drafts, our Essay Mentors support students in crafting a personal essay, supplemental essays and short answer questions that shine.

Our Results Are Top-Of-The-Class!

No other consulting company has an average Ivy League and Stanford acceptance rate that is 675% higher than the general applicant rate.


98% of our students are admitted to at least one of their top 5 college choices.

Our Crimson students get into the Ivy league and other Top 15 colleges at over 6x the general applicant rate.

Non-Crimson Student
Top 15 Admissions Rate
34.5%Crimson Student
Top 15 Admissions rate
Our Results Table

US Crimson student acceptance rates into the Ivy League

Non-Crimson Students Admission Rates

US Crimson Students Admission Rates












Meet Our College Counselors

Crimson’s admissions counselors include an impressive lineup of Former Admissions Officers from the Ivy League and several other Top 20 universities including Stanford, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern and more.

Our students benefit from the first-hand knowledge of admissions decision makers who have reviewed thousands of applications and understand exactly what sets a student apart from the highly qualified competition.

Before submitting their applications, Crimson students can receive 1:1 feedback from Former Admissions Officers from the very schools they’re aiming for, as well as committee-style reviews in which FAOs evaluate their application anonymously in the same way an admissions committee will do.


Who You’ll Work With

Every Crimson student works with a team of admissions experts who support them in elevating and assembling every aspect of their top college application.

Your Team

Read What Our Students And Parents Have to Say

Avery B.Accepted to
University of Pennsylvania


"I could never be happier that I chose Crimson, and I do not think that I could have made it to where I am today without all the help I received here. HUGE thank you to everyone who worked with me. I couldn’t do this without all of you.”

Pooja K.Accepted to
New York University


"Crimson has an organized structure to manage the college application process. The strategists assigned are very helpful and are experts in the field. If I were to do the process all over again, I would, without a doubt, choose to work with Crimson again."

Alex S.Accepted to
Cornell University


"I am happy my family and I chose Crimson. Their support to help you become the best applicant in a university's eyes and the overall passion their employees show in being just as committed to achieving your dreams are invaluable."