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Who We Are

Crimson Education is the world’s most successful US/UK university admissions support consultancy; with our students 4x more likely to gain acceptance to the Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge (than the general applicant), and more.

Our programs are based on our belief that every student deserves individualized support in every aspect of their application(s) - from university selection strategy, test prep and personal statement/essay support, to extracurricular mentoring, and interview practice.

We pair each student with the best team of experts for them based on their goals and personality. Each team member is carefully selected to give targeted and custom guidance. Our strategists have years of experience, many having inside perspective as Former Admissions Officers. We have tutors who are the best in their respective fields, who are at or who have gone to top universities themselves and are selected for their strong teaching skills.

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Sarah G. St. Andrews Class of 2023

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Sheba N. USC Class of 2023

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Meet Some of Our Expert Admissions Strategists

Our strategists represent the ’back-bone’ of a student’s application journey - helping students to identify their best-fit schools (in safety, match, & reach categories), and build a highly competitive strategy to maximize their chances of admission. Our strategists have a proven track record of placing 95% of their students into at least one of their top 5 schools.

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How Crimson Works

The steps in our highly organized approach to helping our students gain admission to the best universities in the world include:
01. Crafting an Initial, Highly Individualised Plan
02. Meeting Your Educational Coordinator
03. Planning With Your Crimson Strategist
01. Crafting an Initial, Highly Individualised Plan
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  • Process 01 - Crimson Education

    01. Crafting an Initial, Highly Individualized Plan

    During your initial assessment with one of our expert Academic Advisors, you will have the opportunity to both learn from the advisor’s expertise and ask as many questions as you like. Once the advisor has a good idea as to your current academic situation, extracurricular profile, and passions, they can craft a specialized plan and make recommendations as to the next steps in your Crimson journey.

  • Process 02 - Crimson Education

    02. Meeting Your Educational Coordinator

    Your EduCo is your go-to for all things scheduling and organizing. Dedicated to helping you organize your entire Crimson journey, your EduCo will: coordinate your tutor and mentor scheduling, assist you with actioning all action steps recommended by your Crimson team, and act as a regular communication base for you and your parents or guardians.

  • Process 03 - Crimson Education

    03. Planning With Your Crimson Strategist

    Your strategist acts as the ‘captain of your ship’, helping you build out a personalized university application list and formulate a game plan which includes the construction of a highly personalized roadmap. It is your strategist who will help you pull all elements of your application(s) together ensuring your final submission(s) will be as perfect as they can be.

  • 04. Working With Your Crimson Team

    04. Working With Your Crimson Team

    Crimson’s unique algorithm matches students to their team based on their academic goals, passions, and learning styles. Your team will include: tutors who are standardized test top scorers, extracurricular mentors whose profiles reflect their own international impact, essay mentors who gained admission to Harvard, Oxford & more, and interview experts who’ll assure you are interview confident/ready.

Just some of the companies where our students now work or have interned

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Crimson Education: The world's talent engine for the brightest minds

At Crimson, we view education not only as the facilitator of a life of self-advancement and fulfilment, but also the elemental driver of a student’s ability to reach their potential on the international stage.

Year after year we see our students make a real impact on their world - the once hard-working and ambitious high schoolers now working for world leading hedge funds, investment banks, NASA, law firms, hospitals and even qualifying for the US and French Open Tennis.

The talents of our students know no bounds - but it is their Crimson mentors and supporters, their tutors and strategists who help their students realise and unlock this potential.

Needless to say we are extremely proud of our students, and each year marvel at their accomplishments and the impact they are making. Our alumni are evidence of what is possible when you create and follow your dream with the support of dedicated experts determined to help you reach the loftiest of goals.

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