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Only the very best CIE students coach you if you decide to work with Crimson
Tailored to you
Find the tutor that matches best with you and your personal requirements
Curriculum insight
Recent curriculum graduates show you what the CIE requires for success

Master all aspects of your CIE exams

Whether you’re specialising in an area or studying a combination of subjects, we’ve got you covered with our expert tutors for all 55 CIE subjects. Become a globally-minded, independent-thinking student with the support of a personalised strategic tutoring plan. Watch your grades improve as you ace your final CIE exams to get the AS and A grades you need to stand out at the world's leading universities and colleges.

Setting goals

Get a detailed plan from your personal tutor specific to your aspirations. Follow the plan, reach your goals and work at a pace which gives you the best chance of success.

Tutor flexibility

Bring specific questions to your tutors or have them provide their own overall learning structure and framework. Additionally, you can contact your tutor via online channels, such as Skype, giving you the flexibility to learn when and where you need.

Build your own schedule

Work with our tutors to create a CIE preparation schedule that works with your academic calendar. We can work around your stressful exam schedule, important assignments and other academic and personal commitments.

Best of the best

All Crimson CIE tutors have achieved A grades and have been awarded Top in Country or Top in World Awards. You can rest assured that the best minds are giving you the expertise you need to ace the exam.

Relevant and experienced tutors

Work with tutors who have recently completed the CIE curriculum and will know exactly what you need to do to ace each of the papers and increase your chances of getting into your dream university.


Exam performance is our primary focus because your exam performance will be the key to your university admission. Your tutoring program will give you a comprehensive understanding of the format and expectations of CIE exams, so that you have a high performance exam strategy on the day.

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