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Extracurricular & Career Mentoring

Build an extracurricular and leadership profile that will help you stand out to university admissions officers.

Why is an extracurricular and leadership profile important in admissions?

Having an exciting and comprehensive extracurricular and leadership profile is essential to creating a competitive college application. It is necessary to showcase your personal and intellectual interests in a way that helps you stand out among the other thousands of students applying to the same competitive universities.

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Extracurricular Mentoring

Crimson pairs students to work one-on-one with a mentor to help identify and develop student interests, create a plan, and execute a fantastic capstone or independent project. Some examples of Crimson student capstone projects include: building an app, founding a nonprofit, launching businesses, crafting community service initiatives, conducting international research, and much more!

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Internship Placement

Crimson also works with students to assist with researching and securing internships at a high level while still in high school. Through our connections with thousands of national and international companies, our students have completed internships in fields like STEM, lifestyle, marketing, finance, etc.

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Crimson Research Institute

For students looking to conduct research, our one-of-a-kind Crimson Research Institute (CRI) offers qualified students the opportunity to complete an in-depth, independent research paper or project with constant hands-on guidance from PhDs and top university faculty. CRI students complete their own small, independent research project in a specific discipline, and are also able to source potential publishers, obtain patents or copyrights (if applicable), and more.

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Take advantage of your newfound extra time and learn how to boost your extracurriculars!