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Increase your chances of admission to the Ivy League by 450%

One of the reasons Crimson students are admitted to top schools at such high rates is the expertise of our strategists - many of whom are Former Admissions Officers who know exactly what it takes to GET IN! Learn more about our team below!

Meet just some of our Former Admissions Officers and Strategists

Our Former Admissions Officers (FAOs) have worked at the most prestigious universities in the US and the UK bringing to Crimson their expert knowledge as to what it takes to gain admission to institutions with admit rates as low as 3.9% (Harvard). They have supported their students in gaining admission to every Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA and many more.

Crimson's Expert Strategists Explain — What Makes Crimson Different?

Our strategists explain how Crimson works and what sets us aside from other college admissions consultancies.
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Offers to the Ivy League


Offers to the US Top 10


Offers to the US Top 50


Offers to Oxford and Cambridge

Our Highly Personalized Admissions Support Includes:

How Crimson's Class of 2026 results compare!
UniversityGeneral Admissions RateCrimson Student Admissions Rate
Harvard University3.19%17%
Princeton University~4.0%22%
Columbia University3.7%29%
Stanford University~4.0%12%
University of Pennsylvania~4.7%32%
University of Chicago~6.2%29%
Yale University4.4%12%
Duke University6.2%44%
Johns Hopkins University6.5%39%
Brown University5.5%29%
Northwestern University7.0%30%
Dartmouth College6.2%26%
Cornell University~8.7%21%
Vanderbilt University6.7%27%
Rice University8.6%45%
UC Berkeley~11.8%40%

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