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Expert Insights on Pursuing an MBA

with Jeremy Krell, former Chicago Booth admissions officer

Meet Jeremy Krell

What do MBA's, teeth, and startups have in common? Jeremy! Expert Strategist, former Chicago Booth admissions officer, and alumnus from programs at Booth, Tufts, and Brandeis, Jeremy has helped dozens of applicants bring out their true voices and navigate the intricacies of a successful MBA application.

Jeremy served the Chicago Booth Admissions Committee at Chicago Booth for two years. During his time at the University of Chicago, he was also a Co-Chair of Built@Booth, an entrepreneurship and venture capital organization; a LAUNCH Mentor; a Booth Ambassador; and TA of Entrepreneurial Selling. Jeremy instructed full-time, part-time, and EMBA students.

Post-MBA, Jeremy joined the team of an innovative health insurance company, Oscar, on course to disrupt current industry standards. He has now moved into a Director role at an innovative dental product and network company, quip. In his spare time, Jeremy continued his pre-MBA ambitions of practicing dentistry and a 12-year career in entrepreneurship.

Jeremy Krell

What's in This Episode?

Jeremy Krell, former Chicago Booth admissions officer, shares his insights on MBA programs in the U.S. and U.K., including:

  • Overview of the MBA experience
  • Professional value of an MBA
  • Top U.S./U.K. MBA programs
  • Insights on the Personal Statement and what admissions committees look for in applicants
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