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It is no secret that the best universities in the US have high standards for applicants — especially when it comes to academics. In fact, most successful admits to the likes of Stanford, Princeton, Yale and the other Ivies score in the 90th percentile on the SAT!

Although the SAT has become optional at many universities, we highly recommend you still take it. It serves as a benchmark for universities to evaluate your academic performance and shows you are serious about your academic journey.

Take our Mini SAT Digital Practice Test to get a feel for what the SAT questions are like, understand where your strengths lie, and where you may need to improve!


Mini SAT Practice Test - US Universities

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Developed by Ivy League grads, PhDs and top tutors from around the world, Crimson’s SAT/ACT courses reduce your study time while maximising your results. Our one-on-one test preparation with expert tutors, many of whom scored a perfect 1600 (SAT) and/or 36 (ACT) on their own college admissions standardized tests.

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Complete practice tests with instant tutor feedback


Extensive homework exercises tailored to what is on the test


Online testing platforms integrated with the Crimson App


A progress tracking system, which provides instant notes and detailed data on which areas the student can improve


A personalized script making the study more efficient and effective

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