Early Decision Acceptance Rates for the Class of 2027

06/01/20239 minute read
Early Decision Acceptance Rates for the Class of 2027

Early Decision results are out for many top universities in the United States - and once again the number of applicants has soared. Acceptance rates at top schools have also dropped as more students apply earlier in the year to secure admissions to their dream universities.

Early Decision applications have become more popular in recent years as competition for top schools, like the Ivy League, MIT and Stanford heats up. It’s important to remember the schools in the Ivy League are some of the most selective schools in the world. Tens of thousands of students apply every year, and a tiny percentage actually get accepted. Let’s take a look at the new Class of 2027 early admission statistics and how they compare with the numbers over the last 10 years.

Class of 2027 Early Admissions Results

The results are in! The Ivy League schools accepted a record low number of students into their Class of 2027. While a few reported numbers similar to last year’s Class of 2026, some acceptance rates were much lower. Harvard only accepted 7.6% of its 9,553 applicants and only 10% of applicants received admittance letters to Yale! Check out the full list of the Ivy League Class of 2027 results below. MIT also admitted only 5.7% of the 11,924 students who applied.

Class of 2027 Early Decision Acceptance Rates
UniversityNumber of EA/ED ApplicantsAdmittedClass of 2027 ED Acceptance RateClass of 2026 ED Acceptance Rate
Johns Hopkins270053319.7%21%
University of Notre Dame11,1631,70115.2%17%

*Several Ivy Leagues, like Princeton, Columbia and UPenn, do not reveal admission statistics.

Crimson’s Class of 2027 Early Round Decision Results

Our students have smashed early and regular round records for the Class of 2027!

Despite the decrease in acceptance rates, the number of Crimson students who have received offers to schools like Stanford, Princeton, MIT and Yale has increased. We attribute this unprecedented success to our teamwork mentality. Students, their families, and Crimson tutors and mentors work together to create stellar admissions-worthy applications.

Here are just some statistics on our class of 2027 early-round results.

  • 60+ early admits to the Ivy League, with half of these students admitted into the most competitive: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia
  • 20+ early admits to Stanford and MIT
  • 90+ early admits to the US Top 10
  • A combined 20+ early admits to Duke, UChicago, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins
  • 20 early admits to NYU
  • More than 340 early admits to the US Top 50 universities

We are so excited for Crimson’s Class of 2027 and can’t wait to share their success stories with you! Keep an eye on our blog and website for more regular round admission results.

Ivy League Applications Surge

Hundreds of thousands of high-achieving students apply to the Ivy League each year, and the numbers are growing! The Ivy League received 311,948 applications for the class of 2023 and a record 400,750 applications for the class of 2025. The incoming class of 2026 will likely beat that record with about 414,000 applications!

Which Ivy League receives the most applications?

Cornell University is the Ivy League school that receives the most applications each year, and it’s not surprising since they also have the highest acceptance rate. They received 67,380 applications for their class of 2025.

Which Ivy League receives the least number of applications?

Dartmouth University is the Ivy League school that receives the least amount of applications. On average, they receive nearly 23,000 applications each year, and this year they received 28,336 applications.

The chart below highlights the trend in the number of applications to all eight Ivy League schools over the last ten years.

Total number of students applying to Ivy League Schools past 10 years

What Are Top Schools Looking For?

While exceptional credentials won’t hurt your application, it might come as a surprise that Ivy League universities are not looking for perfect students. They’re also not looking for well-rounded students. The application pile is filled with students who participate in everything but don’t shine at anything.

Top schools are looking for people who stick out from the crowd, experts in their area of interest. These colleges want world-changers who are making positive marks on society with the resources available to them.

Top universities are also looking for world-changers who can positively contribute to their community. They’re looking for humble leaders who will bring accomplishment and recognition to the school and those willing to share their knowledge to help fellow students accomplish their goals.

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Final Thoughts: Want to get into a top US university?

With university acceptance rates at their lowest and application numbers at their highest, it is extremely difficult to get into an Ivy League school. If you want to increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League, consider applying for early admission/early decision.

Working with a Crimson academic advisor will also increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League school.

If you want to get into an Ivy League school or another top university, contact one of our admissions counselors for a free one-hour, highly personalized consultation by clicking on the link below.

Congratulations, Students! From Crimson Strategists