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Harvard's 'Class of 2023' Applications Break New Record

11 MAR 2020

**Corbin Harvard

February 23, 2019:** The Harvard Crimson has released the university’s much anticipated regular decision application numbers for the Class of 2023. For the fifth consecutive year, the university has reported a new record in application numbers both for their Early Action and Regular Decision rounds.

In the 2018/19 application year, 43,330 students applied to Harvard’s Class of 2023 (this includes the record 6,958 students who applied Early Action) - a figure that marks a 1.4% increase on the previous year’s application number of 42,749 (the first year which Harvard broke the 40,000 application number threshold).

According to the Harvard Crimson, 935 Class of 2023 Early Action applicants have been granted admission at an admit rate of 13.4%, a reduction from the 14.5% early admit rate for the Class of 2022. The Crimson also released the university’s regular decision notification date as March 28 after 5pm (US East Coast Time).

As for the breakdown of applicants, The Crimson reports an increase in Latin American (+3.4%) and Asian American (+5.1%) applicants with applications from African American students decreasing by 4.9%. The rise in Asian American applications occurred despite Harvard facing an ongoing lawsuit brought by anti-affirmative action advocacy group Students for Fair Admissions over whether its race-conscious admissions policies discriminate against Asian Americans.

International student application numbers have not yet been released.

Other statistics released by the coveted Cambridge based Ivy League university reveal a shift in the academic interests of applicants. Once again according to The Harvard Crimson, there was an increase of 11.6 % in prospective computer science concentrators, a 5.1% increase in prospective social sciences concentrators, and a 4.2% increase in prospective humanities concentrators.

While last year’s Class of 2022 saw the number of female applicants (50.3%) slightly surpass that of male applicants, this year male applicants (50.2%) slightly surpassed those of women.

All accepted applicants will have until May 1 to decide if they will attend Harvard College.

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