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Partnerships & Strategic Relationships

Crimson Education works with a variety of student-centric partners and collaborators, including both schools and corporates.
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Corporate Partners & Strategic Relationships

Crimson works with leading companies that:

  • Work closely with students and families and wish to enhance what they can offer
  • Wish to provide their clients with premium admissions consulting
  • Want to offer their clients access to cutting-edge university admissions content and platforms

We provide corporate partners & strategic relationships with the opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Our structure is flexible and we tailor our collaborations to fit the needs of our partners.

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A few of our major corporate partnerships & strategic relationships include:

U.S. News
U.S. News & World Report

This joint effort allows both organizations to better provide articles, webinars, & more for students and their families about best-fit universities, updates in education, and admissions metrics.

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Niche & Crimson Education have partnered to bring Crimson’s resources, expertise, and services to Niche’s users. Niche features rankings for K-12 schools, colleges, neighborhoods, and companies.

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Ten Lifestyle Group
Ten LifeStyle Group

Ten Lifestyle Group and Crimson Education have partnered to bring Crimson's services to Ten Lifestyle Group's clients. Ten Group is a concierge service offering unique benefits to millions of members.

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New York Academy of Sciences

NYAS and Crimson have partnered to bring Crimson's expertise, network, resources, & more to NYAS's community.

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The College Funding Coach
The College Funding Coach

The College Funding Coach and Crimson have partnered to bring Crimson's expertise, network, resources, & more to The College Funding Coach's families.

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TKS - The Knowledge Society

TKS and Crimson have partnered to provide TKS members with Crimson's expertise, network, resources.

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School Partners

Crimson works with school partners across the globe in a variety of different contexts. Our school partnerships support students, parents, and staff, and offer a unique opportunity for schools to enhance the experience they provide.

We work with schools to:

  • Improve university admission rates
  • Empower and inform students, parents, and staff through presentations, webinars, and workshops
  • Provide access to unique opportunities and experiences, allowing students to further develop and differentiate themselves
  • Support counseling teams

We work with prospective partners to design a partnership structure customized to their needs. Reach out and our partnership team will be in touch.

Access to Acclaimed Speakers
Access to acclaimed speakers

High-quality presentations on campus and online webinars for students, parents, and staff.

Crimson Hub
Crimson Hub

A repository of thousands of videos from experts on topics such as college admissions, career pathways, motivation, and more.

Crimson Ask
Crimson Ask

A Q&A platform where students, parents, and staff can ask questions about future education and career options and receive answers from our global team of experts.

Crimson Extracurricular and Leadership Database
Crimson Extracurricular and Leadership database

A searchable database of extracurricular and leadership (ECL) activities offered by both leading organisations and other ambitious students.

Tailored Admissions Support
Tailored admissions support

Custom admissions programs to support counselling teams.

Discounted Services
Discounted services

Opportunities for families from your school to access world-class admissions support at subsidized rates.

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Two of our major school partnerships include:

Inspired Education

Crimson provides Inspired’s 45,000 students with subsidized admissions support, access to the Crimson App and expert Crimson speakers. Inspired is a premium schools group operating in 21 countries.

GEMS Education

We’ve partnered with GEMS to provide GEMS students with customized mentorship programs, subsidized support, and more. GEMS is a leading K-12 education provider operating 66 schools in the MENA region.

Crimson Integrates with Each School Differently

Our relationship with each school is different. We tailor each partnership to the school’s needs, providing support in both a basic or more integrated fashion.

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Interested in becoming a partner?