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Crimson Education Webinars & Events

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Storytelling and Your Application: Standing Out in the Admissions Process - May 28th

Join us in this session to learn how to craft your high school journey, make your experiences shine, and how that translates to college applications. During this session you will:

  • Learn how to carve your path throughout high school around your passions and interests
  • Find out how top-ranked colleges use your personal statement and supplemental essay to evaluate your application
  • Learn how other parts of your application, such as your teacher recommendations, contribute to your story
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Standing Out with Leadership & Understanding Test-Optional: Admissions Tips During COVID - May 28th

Crimson Education & Sheptin Tutoring are coming together for a conversation around admissions during COVID 19, how to build your leadership, and tips on how best to navigate testing and test-optional schools.

Crimson & Sheptin Tutoring will discuss:

  • COVID-19 and effects on high school & college admissions
  • How you can stand out with extracurriculars
  • What does Test-Optional really mean?
  • What should my testing plan look like, both short and long-term?
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Open House - June 3rd

Join our academic experts as they open their doors (or computers) to you with the opportunity to learn more about what a Crimson program looks like and ask any questions you may have that relate to you or your students personal profile.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn specific details about Crimson programs and how your students are paired with mentors
  • See how we’ve helped students like you reach their dream school through strategy, standardized testing, and extracurriculars
  • Be able to ask questions
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Deferred MBA Applications in the Current Climate: What Undergrads Need to Know - June 4th

Join the experts at Crimson for a webinar discussing 2+2 MBA programs and the MBA landscape and what steps you should take now to increase your chances. Jamie Beaton (Harvard BA & MA and Stanford MA & MBA) and Anjali Bhatia (Duke BA and Wharton MBA) will be discussing:

  • The MBA landscape and impacts of the coronavirus
  • Determining the best program for you (and whether a 2+2 MBA makes sense)
  • How you can use this time to strengthen your applications
  • Preparing for the online GMAT and GRE
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Как поступить в такие американские университеты, как Гарвард, Принстон, Йель или Стэнфорд, находясь

June 5th - Мечтаете поступить в такие американские университеты как Гарвард, Принстон, Йель или Стэнфорд? Что мы обсудим во время мероприятия?

  • Какие внешкольные занятия помогут поступить в универсиетт вашей мечты?
  • Как подготовить заявку, которая отличит вас от других?
  • Процесс поступления в американские университеты - результаты экзаменов, эссе, интервью и много другого
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Cracking the Common App: A Deep Dive into the Application - June 8th

You are about to embark on an arduous adventure: filling out your Common Application to apply to college. It’s more than just filling out a few forms — it’s telling your life story, describing your extracurricular activities concisely but effectively, and writing a reflective personal statement. Our experts will discuss:

  • How the awards you choose to list can make or break your application
  • How do you fit an activity into 30 words - plus, order matters!
  • How to address COVID-19 on your application
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欢迎来到Crimson教育的Open House——家庭招待日! - June 13th




  • 课外活动和领导力规划
  • 研究论文
  • 实习项目
  • 选校策略
  • 标准化测试辅导
  • 申请作文
  • 模拟面试训练


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Your Future in STEM: Planning for College & Career Pathways - June 16th

Come to ‘Your Future in STEM - Planning for College and Career Pathways’ where we will help you find the answers you’re looking for while covering these four key topics:

  • The future of STEM
  • What you can be doing in high school right now
  • What the competitive application process looks like for STEM programs - particularly for engineering schools, comp sci programs, and accelerated medical schools
  • The universities from around the world that can help you unleash your potential!
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