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UC Schools Break their Own Records for Fall 2022 First-Year Applications

02/03/20225 minute read
UC Schools Break their Own Records for Fall 2022 First-Year Applications

The University of California is breaking admissions records again! Preliminary data released last week shows the UC school system broke application records for the second year in a row with a whopping 210,840 first-year applicants. That’s 3.5% more than last year’s record of 203,700.

Already considered one of the most “sought-after higher education systems in the world,” this recent surge only solidifies this belief. After a downward trend in 2019 and 2020, this new record is a welcome relief. Many attribute the increase, especially among underrepresented racial and ethnic groups and low-income students, to eliminating the ACT and SAT testing requirements, outreach efforts to California high schools, and increased efforts to reach new students worldwide through online recruiting.

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UC Schools Break Diversity Records

In addition to being the largest applicant pool in the University of California’s history, this year’s applicants were also the most diverse ever!

Fall 2022 UC Applicants by the Numbers
California Applicants (total)132,337
Asian Americans31%
American Indians1%
Pacific IslandersLess than 1%

Fastest Growing UC Applicant Group

Black applicants are the fastest growing applicant group, growing 25% systemwide. The increase was even more noticeable at the UC Berkeley (57%) and UCLA (47%) campuses.

“The University of California remains an institution of choice for so many hardworking prospective undergraduates,” UC President Michael V. Drake said in a statement. “This diverse group of students has shown their commitment to pursuing higher education and we are thrilled they want to join us at UC.”

UC with the Largest Number of First-Year Applicants

It’s not a surprise that UCLA had the most first-year fall applications since it’s the most sought-after university in the United States. This year brought in 149,779 student applications. California residents made up 91,544 of the applicants, with 4 in 10 part of an underrepresented minority group or the first in their families to attend college.

UC with Highest Application Growth

While UCLA had the most first-year fall applications, UC Berkeley had the highest overall growth in application numbers. This prestigious university had a 13.6% increase in applicants. Of the record 128,192 applicants, 72,417 were from California, with four in ten students coming from either low-income homes, underrepresented minority groups, or the first in their family to go to college.

UC Transfer Applicants Decline

All UC campuses reported a significant dip in transfer applications, with an overall drop of 12.6%. This year’s transfer applicant numbers went from 46,155 to 40,339. This drop was likely due to the nationwide slump in community college enrollment.

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