Williams College Accepts 7.5% of Applicants for Class of 2028

30/05/20247 minute read
Williams College Accepts 7.5% of Applicants for Class of 2028

The Williams College Class of 2028 admissions cycle is currently ongoing, and the college recently announced that it's accepting 1,159 students into its 2028 class. In total, there were 15,411 applications. Admitted students to Williams College will join a vibrant and intellectually engaged community of scholars, with access to a wide range of academic resources and opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.

The final admissions results are in for the Williams College Class of 2028. The results were announced in an article posted by the college on March 31st. Williams College reports a record-high number of applications received, with 15,411 students applying to the class of 2028.

Williams College Regular Admissions Acceptance Rate
Class of 2025Class of 2026Class 0f 2027Class of 2028
Total First-Year Applications12,50015,32110,31515,411
Admitted Applicants1,0001,0488581,159
Overall Admission Rate8.8%8.5%9.8%7.5%

Williams College Admissions Results for the Class of 2028

For the class of 2028, more than 15,000 students applied. The number of applications for the class of ‘28 increased compared to the previous acceptance cycle, while leading to a decline in the number acceptances.

Of the 15,411 students accepted into the Class of 2028, 14 were deferred from an early decision around. In addition, Williams College waitlisted 2,300 students. Of the applicants, 10,901 students were denied admission into Williams College.

Last year, Williams College accepted the same amount of students placed on a waiting list. However, for the class of 2026, Williams College only accepted one student from their waitlist.

Applicants to the Class of 2028 were the second to apply to the College’s new all-grant financial aid program, which eliminated all loans and work-study contributions from aid packages. “The all-grant financial aid program made Williams an exciting option for students exploring colleges this past year, but it’s too early to determine its impact,” Dean of Admission and Student Financial Services Liz Creighton ’01 wrote.

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How Crimson can help you get into Williams College and other top universities

Getting into a top college has become more competitive than ever, as factors like globalization and increased access to admissions information contribute to more applicants. In this highly competitive landscape, seeking assistance from a college admissions advisor can be invaluable. These advisors offer insights to help you stand out and provide personalized guidance to navigate the complex admissions process, ultimately increasing your chances of acceptance into your dream school.

Crimson Education helps thousands of students gain admission to their dream schools. Despite enormous applicant pools and low acceptance rates at top universities, Crimson’s acceptance numbers are increasing! This year, more than 600 of our students were accepted to top universities in the US. Here is a breakdown of Crimson’s Class of 2028 numbers:

  • 284 admits to the Ivy League, with many of these students accepted into the most competitive: HarvardYalePrinceton, and Columbia
  • 49 admits to Stanford and MIT
  • 433 admits to the US Top 10 + Ivies
  • A combined 83 admits to Duke, U Chicago, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins.
  • 81 admits to NYU
  • More than 2,300 admits to the US Top 50 universities

As we watch the rest of the Regular Decision acceptances roll in, we’re confident that our students will have another successful year.