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Parents of High Achievers... Learn How to Give Your Child a Top College Admissions Edge!

Having strong academics is only one piece of the top college admissions puzzle. Download this special booklet to learn what else you can do to increase their chances of admission to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and more.

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What's in This Guide?

At Crimson, we work with hundreds of high achieving students — our detailed application strategy aimed at making sure a student's impressive academic profile is backed up by stand-out extracurriculars and essays.

As a parent of a high achiever, this booklet will outline how you can help your high achieving child increase their chances of admission to the Ivy League and more.

The book covers:

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Why Academics Matter: How Strong Grades Help You Get Into Top Universities

Top colleges are honest about academics playing a major role in admission to their universities. This booklet explains the weighting of the various application elements, and why strong academics are important.

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What Ivy League and Other Top University Academic Profiles Look Like

Our booklet looks at the average standardized test scores of top schools such as Stanford, Yale, Harvard and more. Read about these benchmarks and how they are assessed by top college admissions officers.

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Extracurriculars: Standing Out Beyond Strong Academics

With so many high achieving students submitting impressive grades and standardized test scores, top colleges turn to a student's Activities List to make crucial admissions decisions. Learn what types of extracurriculars resonate!

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What Top Universities Have to Say About a 'Well-Rounded' Application

Read what universities such as Yale and the University Of Chicago have to say about how they select their students beyond the criteria of stellar academics.

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Building an Application Plan: How to Make the Most of Your Child’s Superior Academics and Other Application Elements

Learn what it takes to build an application roadmap — increasing your child's chances of admission via a thorough approach to their application.

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