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Our University Admissions Strategists

Our Crimson strategists are some of the most accomplished university graduates in the world - hailing from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge & more!

The world's most accomplished college admissions experts

At Crimson we are lucky to have a global team of strategists that guide their students through the entire application process. From choosing the best universities for their academic goals and educational passions to making sure their entire application has an overarching theme; our strategists are the lynchpin that holds a student’s application together.

Most importantly, our strategists understand what their students are going through — and how to ‘get in’! This is because they have successfully navigated the process themselves as graduates from the Ivy League, Stanford, Swarthmore, UC Berkeley, Michigan, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial and many, many more.

From world-leading university alumni to Ph.D.’s, former admissions officers to multi-degree academics, our strategists are there for their students every step of the way. Keep reading to meet some of our amazing strategists below!

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