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Crimson Graduate School Admissions

Whether you're aiming for Ivy League's, Oxbridge, or INSEAD, Crimson provides top-tier consulting for admission to US & UK graduate and doctoral programs in all fields, including Law, Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering, and Political Economics.

Our students get into their dream programs

Why Crimson's Graduate School Admissions?

With admission rates to some leading US/UK master’s programs as low as 4.5%, some doctoral programs as low as 3%, and an academically competitive applicant pool, cutting edge expertise is more crucial than ever to craft a compelling application.

That’s why Crimson uses a field-specific consulting model. Combined with our multi-tier package options, our services help you identify best-fit programs.

Crimson comprises a global network of Strategists, mentors, and students passionate about growth and changing the world. Joining us is more than purchasing an admissions service: it’s gaining an experience, with unparalleled access to professionals, coaches, educators, and an alumni network of similarly inspired rising academics and young professionals.

We invite you to see for yourself.

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Pool of Expertise

Crimson Education takes graduate-level admissions to a new level of personalization and success, with a rich pool of field experts, doctors, researchers, and entrepreneurs whose expertise dramatically increases clients’ chances of admission to the Ivy League, Oxbridge and other top universities.

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Modular Package Options

Crimson offers a flexible, highly personalized range of services, from early track selection to profile development to targeted or comprehensive application support. Each client has a program designed uniquely for them. We support niche applications to every field of master’s, doctoral, or fellowship study.

proven results

To date, a quarter of GSA clients have gained admission to Ivy League or Oxbridge programs, and half to Top 20 US or Top 10 UK universities. At Crimson, we don't leave your future to chance.

Top-Notch Tutors

All our testing tutors have been star performers in their own fields and programs. Crimson doesn't connect you with the best tutor in your area: we connect you with the best in the world.

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Simulated Practice

Whether for testing or interviews, you'll be taken through a rigorous preparation period including questions, mocks, and feedback that simulate the real experience.

constant support

Working around an academic or professional schedule? Schedule online support with your tutors & admissions specialists anywhere, any time.

Hear Our Stories

Our team has the best stories. Featuring experts and students sharing their experiences in the graduate space!
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Total acceptances for Crimson GSA applicants


field-specific experts consulting clients 1:1

1 in 2

Crimson GSA clients accepted to Top 20 US or Top 10 UK universities

1 in 4

Crimson GSA clients accepted to an Ivy League or Oxbridge program

Featured Strategists

Introducing some of the brilliant minds in Crimson's network of expert Strategists!

Admissions Services

Crimson offers four principal services and four add-on options for students looking to bolster their candidacy for admission to a top postgraduate program–and prepare to succeed in their chosen field–with extensive support from our expert Strategists.

1. GSA Comprehensive

Complete support on every aspect of the admissions process for a set number of applications–from early planning to program selection, essay development, recommendation letters, interview preparation, and successful completion of all application materials.

2. GSA Flex

Targeted support on select elements of the application—from program selection to essay development, recommendation letters, interview preparation, or application materials. Includes 5 hours with an expert Strategist.

3. GSA Prep

Preliminary support on selecting a degree or career track and identifying candidacy-related targets. Includes 4 pre-application sessions with an expert Strategist and a bespoke report outlining best-fit options and recommended profile improvements.

4. Fellowship Application Support

Niche application support for a single global fellowship application (e.g. Fulbright, Rhodes, Chevening)—from CV review to supplemental materials development, interview preparation, and successful completion of all application materials. Includes pairing with an expert Strategist.

Admissions Consulting

Comprehensive OR Flex options, each including 1:1 consulting
with a field-specific expert for your applications to graduate programs in the US or UK.

This product includes candidacy development and full-service application support with an expert in your field, whether that be law, medicine, computer science, engineering, or another key area.

Long-Term Strategy

Receive an expert's evaluation of your academic and professional profile, their feedback on your academic and career goals, and their strategic guidance on preparing for your ideal graduate program.

Program Research

Receive tailored guidance on program research and finalized selection, with programs recommended according to your profile flavor, goals, resource preferences, and candidacy.

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Application Support

Receive comprehensive application support, including 1:1 coaching on your personal narrative, essays, curriculum vitae, recommendation letters, and communications with your prospective advisors.

Expert Consulting

Work 1:1 with a field expert who not only has stellar applicant results but also knows your field inside and out. Our team includes professors, former deans, licensed attorneys, and medical practitioners.

Graduate Preparatory Package

4 1:1 strategic consulting sessions on determining a track for one’s graduate studies.

This condensed service is designed for students undecided on which graduate degree to pursue (if any) given their long-term career goals.

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Profile Evaluation

Receive an expert's evaluation of your academic and professional profile, noting quantitative and qualitative elements plus standardized testing needs.

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Option Overview

Discuss field, degree, and pathway options available to you with your Strategist, they taking note of your interests and qualifications.

Program Selection

Receive targeted guidance on finding and selecting programs aligned with your personal, educational and career preferences.

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Personalized Report

Obtain a bespoke report outlining best-fit options for you, along with strategic recommendations on how to strengthen your profile.

Fellowship Application Support

Comprehensive, 1:1 application support for applications to prestigious fellowships and scholarships, including Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Knight-Hennessy, Commonwealth, and Chevening.

essay support
Essay Support

Receive targeted feedback during the drafting, editing, and review stages of your personal statement, supplemental essays, and short-answer responses.

CV Review

Obtain expert guidance on drafting, editing, and reviewing your professional and academic CV in light of your target fellowship.

Interview Training

Gain insider understanding of the interview process, including format, common questions, and appropriate framing for your answers. Cap it off with mock interviews and feedback to ensure you're prepared.

Recommendation Guidance

Learn how to best identify and communicate with recommenders to ensure their letters effectively support your application.

Add-on Services

Crimson's targeted services to enhance your candidacy pre-application.

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