Has My SAT or ACT Been Cancelled?

08/04/20207 minute read
Has My SAT or ACT Been Cancelled?

For students in the 2020/21 US university application round, the universe you thought you were negotiating has no doubt shifted into territories unknown. The global spread of COVID-19 is an unsettling time for the world’s citizens, and as a student in your last or second last year of school, trying to juggle school (including closures) and preparing for your college applications is no doubt incredibly confusing and stressful.

Keeping on top of the cancellation notifications of key exams, sports training, group activities and other extracurricular projects - along with school closures - can be incredibly hard - especially when decisions are made daily. So we hope the following information (with links) will be helpful in keeping students and their families informed.

In response to the ongoing crisis Crimson has created a toolbox of resources and information to help keep our community well-informed it includes:

  • Relevant and up-to-date news on how COVID-19 is affecting the academic sphere
  • Blogs curated by our team providing tips and tricks as to how to cope and up your game despite current challenges
  • Links to all our webinars which provide further information and advice as to what you can do to make the most of academic and extracurricular opportunities during COVID-19

Has my SAT test been cancelled?

All global SATs and SAT Subject Tests exams scheduled for May 2nd administration, as well as the subsequent catch up administration on May 14th, have been cancelled. The next round of tests is therefore planned to be those starting June 6, and CollegeBoard will continue to assess whether this will need to be cancelled as well. They also entertain the possibility of adding another round of testing later in the year if the SAT cancellations persist in the near-future.

College Board is in the process of contacting and emailing students directly, as well as providing refunds for all SAT cancellations. Our thoughts go out most to those who were registered for the tests in March, but were cancelled by their test center, and have now been cancelled twice (May).

Updates can be found here.

Has my ACT test been cancelled?

Like the SAT, the ACT’s next round of tests scheduled for April 3 and 4 were officially cancelled, and the next planned round of tests is scheduled for June 12 and 13, but it is highly likely these may be cancelled as well. Updates can be found here. All students who have been affected by the ACT cancellations will receive a free rescheduling, but students will have to re-register for the new date whenever it may be.

Will I still need to sit the SAT or ACT for my dream US university?

The most recent development amongst a growing list of US colleges has been to either drop the standardised tests (SAT/ACT) from admissions requirements, or make it optional. The most famous of these include Tufts University, Boston University, and the University of California. No doubt that if the disruptions to standardised tests continues, more and more universities may have no choice but to go down this avenue. But there is still a long time until applications are due, and for now, keep expecting to be sitting an SAT/ACT this year. Keep studying hard, and stay booked in for the next available testing round.

For help studying for your SAT or ACTs during this time, Crimson offers online tutoring in a range of subjects and exam types.

Have my AP tests been cancelled?

The answer is both a yes and a no. On one hand, all tests at the physical testing centres have indeed been cancelled for the 2019-20 administration. But now you will be able to sit your AP test online! You are likely to hear from the college board and have to opt-in to the new testing regime.

The course structure has been cut down to what most schools were able to complete by early March. You will need any kind of mobile device, such as computer, ipad or smartphone, and internet connectivity to partake. As part of the test, you will be allowed to either type your responses, or send a photo of your written responses. More information about the new testing structure and individual subject information can be found here.

Has my IB been cancelled?

The May examination session for the IB has been cancelled. Students supposed to graduate will be awarded either a diploma or a course certificate on their historical results and coursework to reflect a predicted grade. The IB intends to release results to universities/institutions and schools as planned on 5 July 2020. The November examination session is expected to go ahead as planned. Find out more here.

Has my GCSE or A-Levels been cancelled?

It has been recently confirmed that 2020’s GCSEs, AS and A levels have been cancelled. Like the IB, students will receive a predicted grade, which may take into account factors such as your grades and your school’s past performance. Of course, your school assessments will continue and may be online, and will now be even more important for your #accepted success. More here.

UCAS have also stepped and extended their May application deadline to give people more time to make their decisions in these unprecedented times. More details here.

For help studying for your AP, IB, GCSE or A-Levels during this time, Crimson offers online tutoring in a range of subjects and exam types.

Is college sport recruitment postponed?

The NCAA has announced that all in-person recruiting efforts for Division I sports have been put on hold through until May 31. Thus prospective student athletes will have to wait until they can resume their contacts or campus visits, or communicate electronically. More information can be found here.

On a more positive note

We know that all those going through the college application process right now are very stressed and anxious; it is understandable. It’s important to recognise that what is going on is beyond your control, and everybody is in the same boat. Please try to relax and know that everything is going to be ok. On this note, check out below what a Brown University professor has said and done to her students to comfort them.

Further, for students whose schools have closed, or those who want some extra academic and extracurricular support during this time, please visit our Online Learning Page where tutoring packages in a variety of different curricular, including AP, SAT, ACT, SAT II, IB, A Levels and more can be purchased on a month to month basis at discounted prices. We understand these are trying times and Crimson’s expert tutors are ready to help at any time.

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