College Admissions Assistance

Crimson is a world leader in US, UK and EU university admissions support. We have dedicated teams who focus on athlete recruitment, postgraduate applications and a plethora of programs for younger students and those dedicated to accelerating their academics and maximising their chances of admission.

US/Ivy League

Our record for supporting students with successful applications to the Ivy League, Stanford and more has established us as world leaders in the college admissions space. Our services include:


Our UK admissions experts support students with their applications to Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities. Our services include:

European universities

Crimson's EU team help students identify study locations and courses that best suit their academic, extracurricular and career goals. Our services include:

Athlete recruitment

Our specialised teams assist student-athletes in all areas of the recruitment process from identifying the best college programs, to coach outreach and communication. Our services include:

Postgraduate applications

Crimson's strategists have extensive experience helping candidates gain admission to the most prestigious programs in medicine, law, finance, business and more. Our services include:

Junior programs, Crimson Research Institute and academic acceleration via AP or A-Levels

Start early with Crimson Rise, gain admission to the US best boarding schools, publish an academic research paper and/or lift your academic profile above the competition with Crimson Global Academy

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