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Prep yourself with in-depth knowledge about the US/UK admissions process by joining our EXCLUSIVE webinars and events of invaluable advice from our Crimson experts. Let's accelerate your journey to success today!


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Everything you need to know about university applications: academics, extracurriculars, high school self-study, and more.

Event highlights: - The pros and cons of declaring a major on your US college application - The hottest majors for Taiwanese applicants and how it affects your chances of getting accepted - How to choose the right major based on passion, opportunities, and more - Live Q&A to get all your questions answered by MelissaEvent highlights: - Advice on how to accelerate your academics by taking extra subjects through CGA - Top tips on how to choose the right curriculum to maximize your potential - Personal insights from Chinese parent Kingsley on why he chose CGA over other services - A live panel and Q&A to get all your burning questions answeredEvent highlights: - Personal insights on classes at top US universities on how to succeed academically - Comparison of campus life and live voting to decide which college stands out - Insider advice on what kind of students each college looks for and how to apply - A live Q&A to get all your burning questions answered
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Feeling ambitious? Talk to an academic advisor about your future!

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Meet Some Of Our Expert Speakers

Speakers at our webinars come from all over the world. They have studied or worked at the best universities and are eager to demystify the journey into top universities as well as inspire you during these difficult times.


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We've taken the best parts of recent webinars and created bite-sized clips for you. Listen to some of the pearls of wisdom we got from our expert speakers!
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