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US Boarding School Admissions Support Program

Premier consulting & academic preparation for applicants to US boarding and day schools

Intensive, personalised support for students seeking admission to top US schools

Crimson’s support is unique in its ability to provide a deeply individualised service for every student. We focus on long-term candidacy development with all support delivered by specialist strategists, tutors and mentors. Our program includes:

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Why Crimson US boarding school admissions program?

U.S. boarding and day schools have a complicated, challenging admissions process that can be overwhelming for students, particularly as they try to balance their applications with their schoolwork and personal development. From intensive standardized testing to demanding essay requirements, school visits, and in-person interviews, the admissions cycle requires the highest quality work and fullest investment a student and their family can give.

Our goal is to inspire and support students to reach their highest potential, serving as teachers, mentors and role models to enable students to learn more and perform better than they thought possible.

Why Crimson

What Makes Us Different

Crimson’s U.S. Boarding and Day School Admissions support is unique for its deeply individualized approach, long-term candidacy development, and specialized service providers.

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Crimson Strategist

With a team of experts who have helped students secure offers to institutions like Phillips Academy Andover, Deerfield Academy, and Choate Rosemary Hall, our strategists and mentors are intimately familiar with the admissions process and know exactly what it takes to stand out.

Your strategist will:

  1. Provide insight into the boarding and day school admissions process.
  2. Evaluate your candidacy and help you set short- and long-term developmental goals.
  3. Provide personalised planning and oversight during the application season.
Crimson Stategist
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Crimson Application Mentor

Your application mentor, in consultation with your strategist, will provide targeted support for writing essays; they will also work with your strategist to provide additional interview preparation.

The application mentor will:

  1. Provide in-depth support throughout the essay-writing process, from helping students brainstorm content and plan structure to reviewing their final drafts, ensuring their writing reflects their strengths and passions.
  2. Provide additional interview support, including mock interviews, practice speaking articulately about interests, and guidance on what interviewers are looking for, how to improvise, and how to present oneself naturally: skills that are intensively developed and refined throughout the student’s time with Crimson.
Crimson Application Mentor
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Crimson Education Coordinator

In addition to the student’s Strategist and application mentor, their education coordinator will serve as the family’s primary contact point during their time with Crimson.

The education coordinator will:

  1. Check in regularly with you and your family, to ensure your needs are being met by our service providers.
  2. Provide timely, consistent feedback to the strategist and app mentor so the student’s team can tailor their services accordingly.
Crimson Education Coordinator
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