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All tutors have performed in the top 3% nationwide in their subject area.
Tutors will use challenging material to push you to the next level
Watch your scores skyrocket with session-by-session progress reports
Get insider techniques and strategies that will help you ace your scholarship exams

Challenge yourself with New Zealand’s finest tutors guiding you to success

Learn from the best of the best to secure your position among the top young academics in New Zealand. All of our NZ Scholarship Examination tutors rank highly in the assessments and know exactly what it takes to succeed. Our tutoring helps develop high-level critical thinking, and teaches how to apply knowledge and ideas to complex situations in both life and in scholarship exams.

The cream of the crop

Our tutors have performed in the top 3% of nationwide students in their subject. Many have succeeded across multiple subjects, achieving awards such as the Outstanding Scholar Award (Given to the top 50 students in NZ) and the Premier Scholar Award (Given to the top ten students in the country).

Flexible with hours, intensity and subjects

Scholarship tutoring is flexible. Tutoring can take place via skype for maximum convenience.

Full autonomy over your hours

We understand that with Scholarship, there are no internal assessments - which means you may wish to concentrate more of your hours towards the end of the year - it’s completely up to you.

Exclusive tutoring experience

You won’t find other tutoring companies in New Zealand offering private tutoring for NZ Scholarship Examination.

Focus on extension

NZ Scholarship Examination gives you the opportunity to truly extend your academic ability. Your tutors are equipped to push you beyond your limits - to challenge you to develop the critical thinking skills that you will need for success at university.

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