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With every passing year, competition from top applicants intensifies with acceptance rates to universities like Harvard, Princeton and Stanford now sitting at all-time lows of only 4-5%

Great academics are an undeniable advantage, but they’re no longer enough to guarantee acceptance to a top university. At Crimson, we help students maximise every aspect of their application, making sure they stand out above the tens of thousands of qualified applicants.

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Lifting your application above the competition

Crimson students are 4x more likely to gain an offer from an Ivy League university than the general applicant.

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How Crimson Works

At Crimson, our deeply personalized approach to college application support involves surrounding each student with a team of highly skilled experts — including Former Admissions Officers from the Ivy League and other top 10 colleges.

Unlike other consultancies, our approach is built on multiple years of complex admissions data which has enabled our experts to continually tweak and strengthen their programs in line with current admissions trends.

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How Crimson helps

Our expert teams of tutors, mentors and strategists help students:

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