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UK University Admissions

Admission to Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities is becoming increasingly competitive with Oxbridge and universities such as UCL, Imperial and LSE reporting subject specific admission rates as low as 7%.

How we work

At Crimson you will be matched with a dedicated team of tutors and mentors, in line with your personal passions and learning style, by a tutor/student matching algorithm. Our teams, which often include graduates from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, King's, Edinburgh, St Andrews and more, will assist you with every part of the application process: from school subject and course specific test tutoring, to personal statement composition and interview preparation.

Your team members will not only help you narrow down on university and course selection, but will cover every aspect of the UCAS process - mapping out a personalised timeline to relieve the stress often associated with balancing your final year in school with building the perfect application.

how we work
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Lifting your application above the competition

Be it their high level test performance or their stellar interview execution, Crimson students' all-round application excellence is evidenced in their high admission rates.

This year alone, our students were admitted to Oxford or Cambridge at 4x the average admission rate, with our Russell Group admits (including schools like LSE, King’s College London, Imperial College London, the University of Edinburgh and more) receiving similar or better results.

Test Performance

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Considering Studying in the UK?

In recent years there has been an increase in Singapore students aiming to study at universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK institutions. These students tend to be attracted by:

  • Higher acceptance rates (compared to the Ivy League and other top US schools)
  • Three, rather then four, year degrees (often resulting in a lower cost per degree)
  • The ability to study your chosen degree (eg: Medicine, Law) straight from high school at the undergraduate level
  • The academic focus in the application
  • The narrowed focus of the application (UK applicants are limited to 5 schools)
  • The opportunity to study in the UK and on the doorstep of the European continent!

If studying at world renowned universities in the UK is of interest to you, working with Crimson’s UK experts can increase your chances of admission by over 2-4X!

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How Crimson helps

Our expert teams of tutors, mentors and strategists help students:

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