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What does Crimson Education do?

Crimson Education provides personalised university admissions support to students applying to top universities around the world to improve their chances of gaining admission. We have a range of services that includes:

  • University selection strategy
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • Extracurricular mentoring
  • Personal statement / supplemental essay support
  • Interview preparation
  • Internship placements
  • Research programmes
  • Online high school
  • Educational tours
  • Residential programmes and more

How does Crimson Education help me increase my chances of gaining admission into top universities?

Crimson Education offers a comprehensive service to help you achieve your university admissions goals. The process begins with a personalised plan that is created by identifying your strengths and interests. From there, a strategic approach is taken to select the best-fit universities and guide you through every step of the application process.

The dedicated support team at Crimson Education includes Former Admissions Officers (FAO) and consultants who graduated from top 30 US universities, Oxford and Cambridge themselves. These experts provide feedback and advice to ensure that your application materials highlight your achievements and personality authentically and effectively. With firsthand experience in the university application process, they can offer valuable insights on the specific requirements and expectations of the universities to which you are applying.

By working with Crimson Education, you can benefit from the expertise of former admissions officers and top graduates who can provide the guidance and support needed to achieve your university admissions goals.

How many subject matter experts will I be matched with at Crimson Education?

You will be matched with a dedicated team of subject matter experts that can comprise, depending on the programme you sign up for:

  • Strategy Consultant
  • Subject/Test Tutors
  • Application Mentor
  • Extracurricular & Leadership Mentor
  • Professors
  • Former Admissions Officers
  • Student Success Team

They come from top US and UK universities including Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and more.

Will I be able to reach out to my subject matter experts at any time of the day to get help?

Crimson Education's online support includes the option for you to book additional catch-ups with experts at any time and utilise the chat feature to send and receive messages quickly to receive help on your university application.

What are the benefits of an online university admissions support like Crimson Education?

We believe that to help a student achieve their educational goals and gain admission to top universities, it takes a village. We understand that it may be challenging to find sufficient support within our Little Red Dot, which is why we offer online support from our team of experts around the world.

Furthermore, Crimson Education's online university admissions support offers benefits such as flexibility, access to a global team of experts that includes graduates from top universities like the Ivy League and Oxbridge, personalised support, progress tracking through the Crimson app and efficient use of time.

When should I join Crimson Education?

As soon as you decide to pursue your education at top universities in the world, we recommend beginning your university applications. For this reason, we suggest that students join Crimson Education as early as possible to get a head start on their application and gain a competitive advantage.

How many students have Crimson Education helped over the years?

We have helped numerous students all over the world gain admission to top universities. You can view our students’ stellar results here.

How can I get started with Crimson Education?

Simply fill out this form and an Academic Advisor will contact you shortly to learn more about your interests and goals and explain how we can help you get into a top university.


What are the differences between studying at a university in the US and the UK?

Here are some of the key differences between each educational institution:

Length of time:

  • 4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree (US)
  • 3 years to complete a bachelor’s degree (UK)


  • Students can explore several fields of study for a year before choosing a major (US)
  • Students must select their course and department upon applying (UK)

How you study:

  • Assessment-based (US)
  • Lecture-based (UK)


  • Through the Common App which allows students to apply to as many universities as they want. Some US universities have their own application (US)
  • Through UCAS which limits students to a maximum of five universities and/or courses. Students can either apply to Oxford or Cambridge but not both (UK)

You can read more on the differences between studying at a university in the US and the UK here.

What does an ideal extracurricular portfolio look like at top US and UK universities accordingly?

US universities value extracurriculars and consider them 30% of the admission weighting. Admissions seek sincere involvement in activities that show enthusiasm, innovation, and positive impact in specific areas.

UK universities emphasize "Supercurriculars" - activities outside class that support academic development. Depth in these activities is crucial to boost academic strengths.

Expert advice can help build a strong extracurricular profile for US and UK university applications.

The university I am applying to is test-optional — should I still sit for the SAT or ACT?

During the pandemic, many US universities had implemented test-optional or test-flexible policies (though these may continue to evolve). Admissions experts suggest taking standardised tests, as they offer a concrete benchmark for evaluation compared to other high-potential candidates and demonstrate academic commitment.

However, if you choose not to take them, other components of your application such as grades, essays, extracurriculars and recommendations become more crucial.

Are internships important when applying for university? How can I find an internship placement?

While internships are not mandatory for university applications, it is a great way to help you distinguish yourself from other high-potential candidates.

Crimson Education provides students with exciting internship opportunities at top global companies like HSBC, The Economist, Dentons, Amazon, Uber and more.


What happens in a consultation?

A consultation is your first chance to discuss your future pathways with an expert.

During the consultation, you will:

  • Get an idea of what it might take for you to reach your dream school
  • Get a personalised and detailed quote of our services based on your needs
  • Understand what financial and time commitment it will take to get into a top school
  • Discuss the strength of your application profile

How long does a consultation last?

An initial consultation will take about an hour of your time.

What is an Academic Advisor?

A Crimson Academic Advisor is your first point of contact with the company, providing you with the information you need to gain admission into your dream college.

They can help you create specific education goals and strategies by learning about who you are and discovering what obstacles or challenges might get in your way.

In doing so, your Academic Advisor becomes your source of support and guidance – your north star – and will help you choose a course of action to start moving towards achieving your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be.

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