Why Crimson?

All tutors selected from the top 2% (45+) in their respective subjects
Highest ranked in the state. With a genuine and deep passion for
Take control of the way you learn with tutors adept in different learning approaches
No matter where you are, connect with global tutors and mentors

Exam-focused tutoring to support a strong ATAR

Everyone knows your final year of high school can be highly stressful. However, with the support of a Crimson tutor, you will have the confidence and support you need to ace your VCE and secure a top ATAR score. The flexible exam-focused tutoring combined with the emphasis on consistent improvement will ensure you’re sufficiently informed and prepared to achieve your potential sitting the VCE.

Achieve your goals

Work closely with tutors to make your strategic and detailed plan to improve your academic performance and achieve goals. Work at a pace that gives you the best chance of success.

Stay flexible

Your team of tutors can cater to the intensity, time and location with which you wish to work. No need to stress as you and your team can work together to build a schedule that works for you! If you’ve got a big exam coming up, feel free to increase work or scale back when things are less busy.

Understanding of focus areas

Your tutors have each received top grades for the subjects they teach and have a great depth and breadth of knowledge in their area of focus. Many tutors achieved perfect scores, as well as scholarship and awards.

Understanding of situation

Having recently completed VCE themselves, your tutors can relate to the journey you are embarking on. They understand the struggles and difficulties you may endure and can draw on their experience to help you overcome them.


Given VCE places a majority of its weighting on exams, you’ll learn from tutors who place a distinct and driven focus on preparing for your final examinations. Your journey with your tutor will be guided by understanding the final exams and will frequently draw on past exam and paper questions to build up your content knowledge.

Passionate tutors

Not only are all of our tutors among the highest ranked in the state, they also have a genuine and deep passion for the subjects that they’re teaching. You’ll feel this passion as you learn from them, instilling you with the confidence to smash any obstacle to your future success!

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