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Gain an advantage and master curriculum and standardised tests with help from Crimson's worldwide network of tutors

Our curriculum tutoring expertise includes

The global standard academic program
Learn from recent top scoring graduates of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. All IB tutors have achieved perfect 7s in the subjects they teach.
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The other global standard academic program
We’ve got you covered with our expert tutors for all 55 Cambridge International Exams subjects. All of our CIE tutors have achieved A grades and have been awarded Top in Country or Top in World Awards.
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Optional college-level exams for US and Canadian students
All of our AP tutors earned a perfect score of 5 in the AP examinations, so you can be sure you’re learning from the best.
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The high school leaving certificate in VIC
Get unrivalled access to VCE tutors who all placed in the top 2% (45+) of their respective subjects.
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The high school leaving certificate in NZ
Learn from recent top scoring graduates who specialise in all NCEA subjects. Our tutors have received excellence in many of their subjects and many are recipients of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship.
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The high school leaving certificate in NSW
Connect with students who finished in the top 5% of HSC results. 80% of our HSC tutors are state rankers in their subjects and 90% are on the HSC all-rounders list.
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Optional higher level exams for NZ students
Secure your position among the top young academics in New Zealand by learning from the best of the best. All of our NZ Scholarship tutors placed in the top 3% nationwide in their subject area.
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Tutoring doesn't get any better than this

Get the score you need by learning from top performing curriculum tutors.
Dedicated mentor
Work with the best students at top global universities and receive expert guidance on the road to success.
21st Century Communication
Learn at a time and place that suits you by scheduling appointments and taking video lessons with the Crimson App.
Personalised education
Get a customised learning plan from a tutor who is carefully matched to your individual learning style and goals.
The Crimson Difference
Connect to current students and recent graduates of the world’s best universities, facilitated by our cutting edge technology. Tutoring sessions are delivered online via video call, so you can receive tailored support whenever you need it.
What do you get?
Access tutors who specialise in a range of national and international high school curricula and are experts in helping you achieve the grades you need to get into your preferred university. These tutors know what it takes to score well and so will you.
Why are our tutors so good?
Our tutors have reached the height of academic success in the curricula they teach, and most are now placed at top-ranked universities. We have a thorough recruiting system to ensure that our tutors are truly the best in the world.

Harness the power of online tutoring

The best way to improve your curriculum test scores is to work with tutors who have recently taken and performed well on the exams themselves.

Our digital platform connects you to top scorers who are now studying at elite universities around the world. This simply isn’t possible with the physical limitations of face-to-face tutoring.

Your tutor knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and will support you every step of the way. Get the grade you need, gain admission into your desired program and never look back!

Work with the best tutors and mentors in the world

Jamie B.
Harvard, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Rhodes Scholar

Jamie achieved a 99% percentile score in the SAT, GMAT and GRE, and was accepted into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, Columbia and Wharton.

Michael L.
Dartmouth University

Michael has tutored more than 500 SAT and ACT students for over eight years in some of the most competitive testing countries in the world. He has a masterful eye for what is needed to boost students’ scores.