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Our University Admissions Support services

Ivy League Admissions
Connect with Ivy League students past and present who know what admissions officers are looking for
US University Admissions
US college admissions experts transform you into an irresistible candidate and help you rise to the top of the applicant pool
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UK University Admissions
Perfect your personal statement and ace your interview with the help of UK university admissions experts
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Med School Consulting
Experienced tutors and mentors will guide you through the competitive med school admissions process
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MBA/Postgrad Consulting
Expert consultants stationed at top US and UK business schools can help you make your next big career move
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College Sports Recruitment
Sport can be your ticket to your dream university – our athletic consultants show you how
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Crimson’s Admissions Success


Year after year, Crimson gets students into all Ivy League universities, as well as Stanford, Caltech, MIT, Duke, University of Chicago and more. Students who work with us are up to five times more likely to get a top college offer than those who apply by themselves. If you want to leverage the world’s most acclaimed college advising process, request a candidacy assessment today.

2019 offers to top 10 US universities
Offers to top 50 US universities since 2013
Offers to Ivy League Universities
Crimson students accepted to Top 5 preferred Universities
Crimson students accepted to Top 8 preferred Universities
Worth of scholarships & financial aid (SGD)


Crimson’s unparalleled track record of placing students into incredible UK universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Imperial, has been recognised by Forbes, Business Insider, the BBC and many more. It’s because we consistently deliver incredible results for our students. If you want to make your UK study dreams come true, request a candidacy assessment today.

Crimson Students accepted to Oxbridge universities with success rates 3-5x normal acceptance rates
Crimson students accepted to top 5 UK universities
Offers from QS Top 10 UK Universities in 2019

What you get from Crimson’s admissions consulting

Crimson’s consulting goes much deeper than traditional services. We pride ourselves on helping students perform at their absolute best.

With our full range of services, you will:

  • Boost your academic performance and expand your university options
  • Design a strong initiative to help you stand out with extracurriculars and leadership
  • Get help applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Receive a comprehensive one-, two-, three-, or even four-year plan laying out the steps and giving you the tools to get into your dream university

12 core functions of Crimson’s admission consulting programs

Bespoke Team
Link up with the right strategist and mentors for you! They help manage your milestones for success along the way and navigate the complicated admissions process.
Strategy Roadmap
Extensive planning behind the scenes to prepare you for a smooth journey toward your application goals. Let us take care of the stress.
Academic Advising
Expert advice on curriculum and subject selection.Help with identify new academic opportunities to improve your profile.
Extracurricular Advising
Develop thematic extracurricular and leadership (ECL) profile, overseen by a dedicated ECL consultant.
Application Guidance
Crimson allocates you experts and strategists to guide you through every step of the application.
Interview preparation
Get mock interviews with university alumni to improve your technique and ensure success.
Leadership Project support
Assist students in developing a leadership project. Examples include, internships, giving TedX talks and UNICEF Youth Ambassador selection.
Test Strategy
Long-term planning for any necessary tests. Prepare with tutoring while developing an exam strategy to maximise your score.
University selection
Recommend you colleges based on characteristics, resources, personal preference and acceptance rates.
Recommendation targeting
Advice on how to approach and receive letters of recommendation for people who can significantly boost your profile.
Post-Application support
If you receive multiple offers, Crimson will help with correspondence and drafting deferral letters where necessary
Essay development
Support with brainstorming, planning, editing and reviewing, as well as crafting a unique personal narrative that impresses.

Success stories

Hear from Crimson students who achieved their dreams working with us

“I think the most valuable thing is really the whole personalised aspect of Crimson. You have a lot of people that are focused on you and your progress and making sure you're moving along.” After working with Crimson, Jessica:

  • Got accepted into Oxford
  • Leveraged an expert support network to help manage the difficult application process
  • Kept her focused and moving toward her ultimate goal

youtubeView her story in our YouTube Channel

Work with the best mentors and strategists in the world

Strategy Consultant
Princeton B.A., Columbia M.A - History of Education

Megan has a deep mastery of college admissions, having guided more than 100 students into their prefered university.

US Admissions Consultant
Harvard University

Akash has worked with several students of different backgrounds and incorporates this into his consulting.

Leadership & Extracurricular Consultant
Columbia University - John Jay Scholar

Passionate about social justice, XianJing has incredible experience in building projects that raise awareness and level the playing field.

Revolutionise your education with the Crimson app

Welcome to learning in the 21st Century, where you are connected to the world's best and brightest with just a few clicks.

Our online platform connects you to the finest tutors, mentors and consultants, most of whom are based at top-ranked universities in the US and UK. With the Crimson App, you tap into a network of thousands who live and breathe the success you aspire to achieve.

You could be mentored by a Harvard student who’s studying your desired course, or a Cambridge alumnus who graduated with first class honours. These consultants know the US and UK admissions processes back to front and have helped hundreds of students before you gain entry to elite universities.

This is a seismic shift from the traditional face-to-face model, where choice is limited, first-hand experience is hard to come by, progress is difficult to monitor and you’re not convinced you’re getting value for money.

Get access to top talent, clearer learning outcomes and an incredible variety of personalised resources. Our digital platform ensures you gain more from your sessions than in-person learning with:

  • Visual roadmaps to success
  • Smooth video lessons
  • Constant point-of-contact and support
  • Comprehensive feedback and progress reports