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Sanusha Sritharan

UK Strategy Consultant


University of Cambridge
BA in Economics (Honours)

Sanusha Sritharan - Crimson Education
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About Sanusha

Sanusha is based in Singapore and provides strategy services for students applying to UK universities. She graduated with a Bachelors (Honours) in Economics from the University of Cambridge in 2014. She obtained acceptances to 9 universities in the UK, US and SG and also attended Summer School at Harvard University in 2012. As an undergraduate, she was an elected representative on the Cambridge University Students Union – International chapter and the Girton College JCR where she represented international students’ views and supported international students with acclimatising to the UK. 

At Crimson, she also provides Extracurricular and Leadership activities (ECL) Mentoring, for applications to both UK and US universities, and Scholarship Consulting services. She has worked with students applying to a diverse range of majors, including Economics, Chemical Engineering and Medicine, across the APAC region – from Singapore, to Japan and Australia.

Prior to Crimson, Sanusha worked as a public servant, having been awarded the prestigious Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship by the Singapore Government to pursue her undergraduate studies abroad. Since 2015, she has been an active volunteer with youth organisations, such as Youth Corps Singapore: she has chaired various leadership and development programmes based on social-emotional learning frameworks and mentored youth through executing community projects related to issues around inequality, environment and health using design- and systems- thinking frameworks. She is currently pursuing an MBA with Quantic, the world’s first accredited, fully digital business school. 

Sanusha views every opportunity to work with a student as a chance to impact them, much like mentors in her own youth were invaluable in guiding her. She believes in an approach grounded in the students’ self-awareness and agency and will work with them towards the clarity they might need as they make decisions about their future – grounded in their values, driven by their commitment and aspiring towards big dreams.