How to Improve Middle School Grades

27/12/20215 minute read
How to Improve Middle School Grades

As students progress through their academic careers, it is natural for the importance of grades to increase. Long gone are the vague descriptions of “above expectations” or “needs improvement” often associated with elementary school report cards, as middle school slowly starts to have distinct letters or numbers (depending on the educational system, i.e. A-F in America, or a numerical score up to 7 in the IB middle years program). It is important to note, first of all, that these grades are not reported on your student’s university applications (that is what high school is for!). However, middle school is the perfect time to  learn how to improve one’s grades through the development of good study habits.

So what are the top 5 methods that can be implemented to improve your middle schooler’s grades?

5 Ways to Improve Grades in Middle School

1) Have a good, reasonable study routine - As Crimson Rise Strategists, we know that middle school is a crucial time for developing skills such as time management, study habits, and stress management. We encourage parents and students to approach study time with intention: ensuring your child has a quiet study set-up in your home, has a dedicated study time in their daily routine, but can also take reasonable breaks when needed (maybe 10 minutes for every hour, or try the Pomodoro technique!) to avoid burnout. Its all about experimenting with what will work best for your student in terms of study habits and time management techniques.

2) Think of learning as a daily practice –  Rome was not built in a day, and neither is the foundation of knowledge needed to get into an elite university! As such, students should be encouraged to do their homework on a daily basis, as the accumulation of daily knowledge pays off in the long run far more than cramming for exams the night before. While not all teachers may grade small daily/weekly homework, they are there for your child to foster good habits and realize that all great things in life are achieved through regular practice. Encourage them to keep up with their tasks rather than to procrastinate.

3) Put learning into a meaningful context – Very often students may not understand the reason behind what they are learning in school and ask themselves, “What’s the point?” As such, ensuring your child is exposed to hands-on, meaningful learning is a great way to motivate them. For example, if your son is struggling to understand the laws of physics in his middle school science class, take him to a science museum or even explain acceleration by describing it in relation to your car when you drive him to his basketball game. Seeing purpose behind learning and how it can translate to the real world can go a long way.

4) Explore the social aspect of learning – As middle schoolers enter their teenage years, the social aspect of learning can be a strong influence. It is important for your child to feel supported in their studies, whether that is from their teachers, in productive peer study groups in the school library, through hiring a tutor if your child expresses the need for additional support (Crimson Rise offers a wide selection of age-appropriate tutors!), or even talking about school with  an adult whose opinion they value – from their parents to a community leader, a coach, or a Crimson Rise Strategist.

5) Make meaningful connections to your child’s passions -   Children are naturally curious, and while playing may no longer look like the play-dough and dolls, middle schoolers still harbor a desire to learn about the world around them in an age-appropriate way. As such, tending to your child’s natural curiosity is vital in order for them to continue to foster a love of life-long learning. Whether it is coding class, more advanced Lego sets, taking them to the bookstore to buy both study-guides as well as novels of their favorite genre (our Crimson Rise Reader’s Newsletter suggests books for your child on a monthly basis!), ensuring your child has a voice in their learning will help them enjoy the scholastic journey and you’ll see more personal development as a result too!

Overall, by ensuring that your child has a reasonable study schedule, a good support system – be it strong teachers, excellent tutors, or productive study groups – and that their interests are nurtured through their studies, improving grades in middle school is a feat that any child can accomplish! Plus, these are skills they will take with them into high school, and therefore improve their chances at gaining admission to their dream university.

Happy studying!

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