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Top 50 New Zealand High School Rankings 2024

See the complete rankings and receive insights into Kiwi students’ pathways to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and beyond.

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This year brings the sixth consecutive release of the Top 50 New Zealand High Schools by Crimson Education, the world’s leading university admissions company.

The list draws on Crimson’s 10 years of experience supporting Kiwi students to gain admission to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Oxford, Cambridge and beyond.

Schools were assessed on the basis of Academic Performance, Extracurricular and Leadership Opportunities, and Access and Diversity –– three factors which significantly impact Kiwi students’ chances of gaining admission to and thriving at the world’s top universities.

By releasing these rankings, we aim to provide Kiwi families with clear guidance as to which high schools will best help them to achieve their academic aspirations.

Rankings 2024

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From Aotearoa to the World’s Best Universities!

In 2024, Crimson celebrates our 10th year of supporting Kiwi students to gain admission to the world’s top universities. Over the past decade we have sent over 120+ Kiwis to the Ivy League and 300+ to the US Top 20. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our students’ parents, teachers and school communities.

This year, our Kiwi Class of 2024 crushed the competition –– receiving a record-breaking 3 offers to Harvard!

2024 Results

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Which Schools Made The Top 50?