Top 50 New Zealand High Schools 2023

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New Zealand's Top 10 High Schools 2023

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Crimson Education presents a fifth consecutive year of the Top 50 New Zealand Schools – a list based on a review of secondary schools’ academic performance, extracurricular and leadership opportunities, equal access and students’ university pathways. Just like the 2020 list, 2021 list and 2022 list this year’s list once again features a mix of private and state schools as well as single-sex and co-education schools in the top 10.

The secondary school ranking list released by university admissions and mentoring company Crimson Education draws on our experience in working with a global pool of top-performing students who year on year continue to secure admission to the world’s most competitive universities, including: Yale, Stanford, UPenn, Oxford, Cambridge.


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Trends From The 2023 Rankings

  • In the 2023 ranking of the Top 10, there are 6 private schools, 2 state and 2 state Integrated Schools. This is the first year ever that there were this many state schools in the ranking (4).
  • The average in the Top 10 for UE% has increased compared to 2022. In 2023 it is 96.7% and in 2022 it is 93.3%
  • All the Top 25 ranked schools are between Deciles 8-10.
  • 3 of 2023’s Top 10 schools are single-sex girls’ schools with the others being co-educational.
  • Selwyn College and Dilworth School are Decile 4 schools and feature in this year’s Top 50 list (as well as last year’s list).
  • Woodford House is the only Top 10 school not located in Auckland.
Trends from the 2023 Rankings

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