How To Build Confidence in Middle School

05/02/20224 minute read
How To Build Confidence in Middle School

As we have discussed previously in “How Does the Brain Work During Middle School,” the middle school brain is undergoing massive changes. This means that growth spurts, rapid mood changes, and a sudden craving for new freedoms is a natural and inevitable part of your middle schooler’s daily experience. While some of these changes are exciting - boosting your child’s interests in the outside world - they can also result in depressive mood swings and low confidence generally. What does this mean for you as a parent? How can you help build your child’s confidence in middle school? 

Let’s find out! 

4 Meaningful Ways to Build Confidence in Middle School:

1. Provide Encouragement

Studies  have   shown   that   a   strong   correlation exists in the brain between encouragement and motivation. Given the self-consciousness that appears in middle school as a result of students entering puberty, positive affirmations can be the anecdote! As   academics   become  more   difficult   in   middle   school,   some   students may   start   to   feel   worthless   if   they   are   not   performing   up   to   expectations. However,   the   more   encouragement   and   support   they   get,   the   more   likely they will develop an attitude of grit and perseverance to tackle challenges ahead. When a child feels validated by their parents, teachers, and peers, the notion of trying something and failing is less scary. By building up your child’s confidence, they will have more resilience to face challenges in life.  

2) Be Positive

Send your child to school with a positive, affirmative message on a daily basis. If you do not see them in the morning, try leaving a note in their lunchbox   or   a   text   (depending   on   school   cell   phone   policy!).   Make   sure   your   child   feels supported,   as   students who feel lonely are less likely to put an effort into new things, whether it is tackling that algebra problem or trying out for the basketball team. If your child  seems  shy,  discuss  how  maintaining a  positive attitude can   help  and that the school system is there to  support them in their growth. Helping your child see the silver lining in every cloud will give them  the power to  keep going when life throws challenges their way.    

3) Use the Power of Organization

As   your   child   grows   older,   their academic   demands   will   increase   and   as   such,   teaching   them   ways   to   be organized will go a long way in reducing their stress levels.  Without   the   homeroom-structure of elementary school, middle schoolers are often left to fend for themselves in terms of organization, and this can be a big adjustment. From helping your child label their notebooks to drawing up a daily, visual schedule, implementing concrete organization skills can go long way to ensure success. At Crimson Rise, our strategists aid students in organization by teaching them time  management, study habits, and revision techniques. 

4) Demonstrate Acceptance Towards Their Identity

A big part of leaving elementary school and looking toward high school is uncovering and experimenting with one’s identity. Your student may start to feel self-conscious about their social status and awkward in their ever-changing bodies; for this reason it is natural for middle schoolers to try and experiment with who they are  while   simultaneously   trying   to   fit   into   a   group.   Support   your   middle schooler   by   giving   them   the   time   and   resources   to   pursue   what   they   are interested in, as this is a healthy outlet for self-expression. Be mindful not to compare to their siblings and classmates, as each child is unique and comes with   their   own   challenges,   preferences,   personality,   and   style.   Instead   of forcing them to fit into a mold shaped by expectations, consider their unique gifts and how they can be used to build confidence and help the world around them.

And there you go! By encouraging your middle schooler to follow their heart, being a positive role model, helping them organize their life, and giving them an outlet to express themselves, you can play a huge role in raising your middle schooler to be a confident young adult.

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