Rice University's Acceptance Rate Drops to Record-Low 7.5%

04/04/202314 minute read
Rice University's Acceptance Rate Drops to Record-Low 7.5%

The latest statistics on Rice University's acceptance rate are in. As of 2024, the acceptance rate at Rice stands at 7.5%, a noticeable decrease from the previous year's rate of 7.7%. With this new record-low acceptance rate, Rice University remains a highly competitive and selective institution.

What Is the Acceptance Rate for Rice University?

The Rice University Class of 2028 final admission results were announced in an article by the Rice Thresher on 28 March. The post reported that Rice had a record-low acceptance rate at only 7.5%, with only  2,439 students accepted out of 32,459 applicants to the Rice class of 2028, a slight decrease from last year's acceptance rate of 7.7%.

Rice Class of 2028 Acceptance Rate
Number of ApplicationsAccepted StudentsAcceptance Rate
Early Decision2,88644215.3%
Regular Applications29,5731,9976.8%

Rice Regular Decision Acceptance Rate For Class of 2028

For the regular decision cycle, 29,573 students applied to Rice, of which 1,997 students got accepted. With a 6.8% acceptance rate, this is the third consecutive year of record-low acceptance rates

The number of applicants to Rice University's regular decision cycle for class of 2028 was slightly higher than the previous year, with an acceptance rate of the regular decision cycle slightly lower than that of class of 2027.

Following the trend set in the past three years, the acceptance rate for regular decision was significantly lower than that for early decision. Based on these acceptance numbers, we recommend you apply early to increase your chances of getting into Rice.

The comparison chart below highlights the decrease in acceptance rate over the last three years.

Rice Regular Admissions Acceptance Rate
Class of 2025Class of 2026Class of 2027Class of 2028
Regular Decision Applicants 26,88828,71828,10629,573
Admitted Applicants2,2712,2191,9611,997
Overall Admission Rate8.4%8%7%6.8%

Rice University Early Admissions Results for the Class of 2028

Of the 2,886 applicants, Rice accepted only 442 students, with an early acceptance rate of 15.3% to the Class of 2028.

Rice Early Decision Acceptance Rate
Class of 2025Class of 2026Class of 2027Class of 2028
Total Early Applicants2,6352,7252,7432,886
Admitted Applicants478511486442
Early Admission Rate18%19%15.2%15.3%

Most Popular Majors at Rice University

Rice University offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs across a variety of disciplines. Some of the most popular majors at Rice University include:

  • Computer Science
  • Bioengineering
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Managerial Studies

Rice offers a wide range of popular majors in diverse fields, allowing students to pursue their academic and career goals in a variety of disciplines.

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How Crimson can help you get into Rice and other top universities

Getting into a top college has become more competitive than ever, as factors like globalization and increased access to admissions information contribute to more applicants. In this highly competitive landscape, seeking assistance from a college admissions advisor can be invaluable. These advisors offer insights to help you stand out and provide personalized guidance to navigate the complex admissions process, ultimately increasing your chances of acceptance into your dream school.

Crimson Education helps thousands of students gain admission to their dream schools. Despite enormous applicant pools and low acceptance rates at top universities, Crimson’s acceptance numbers are increasing! This year, more than 3,000 of our students were accepted to top universities in the US! Here is a breakdown of Crimson’s Class of 2028 numbers:

  • 239+ admits to the Ivy League, with half of these students accepted into the most competitive: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia
  • 40+ admits to Stanford and MIT
  • 250+ admits to the US Top 10
  • A combined 96+ admits to Duke, U Chicago, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins.
  • 45+ admits to UC Berkeley
  • More than 1,745 admits to the US Top 50 universities

As we watch the rest of the Regular Decision acceptances roll in, we’re excited to see that our students are having another successful year.

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