Celebrating the Future: Meet the Crimson18u18 Winners of 2023

15/02/20247 minute read
Celebrating the Future: Meet the Crimson18u18 Winners of 2023

In a world that's constantly evolving, young people are not just following trends or waiting for solutions — they're shaping the future and pushing the boundaries of innovation. To spotlight the drive and early achievements of these young scholars around the world, the Crimson18u18 initiative selects 18 young visionaries under 18 each year, recognizing and celebrating the remarkable contributions they're making to their communities and to society. This year, after a rigorous selection process, we are thrilled to showcase our 18 winners for 2023, each a testament to the vision, innovation, drive, and contributions of diverse teens around the world.

What is Crimson18u18?

Crimson18u18 is a global accolade launched by Crimson to recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of high-school students, all with a goal of identifying talented teens, elevating their profiles, nurturing their potential, and hopefully inspiring them to take on new and even greater challenges.

In addition to shining a spotlight on the exceptional talents and accomplishments of each year’s young winners, the initiative seeks to recognize and reward their achievements and sacrifices, magnify their contributions, and help them discover connections and opportunities that equip them for success as the emerging innovators, thinkers, and leaders of the next generation.

This year, we received an overwhelming number of submissions from talented youths worldwide, showcasing stories of passion, pioneering leadership, perseverance, and  idealism. Their achievements, more than individual triumphs, are also stunning reminders of the boundless and often overlooked, untapped, and unharnessed  passions and potential of youth around the world.

Meet the Trailblazers: The Crimson18u18 Winners of 2023

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Ioanna Papastamouli - Australia

Tennis Prodigy & Aspiring Sports Medicine Innovator

At just 18, Ioanna is already ranked 500th internationally in tennis. Her dream? To reach the top of the world rankings while leveraging her platform to make advances in sports medicine. Representing Australia on the global stage, Ioanna's blend of athletic prowess and academic ambition is nothing short of inspiring.

Jihyeon Sung - South Korea

Environmental Activist & Founder of Greener is Cleaner

Cherry's initiative, Greener is Cleaner, has mobilized over 15,000 youths across 41 countries, making significant strides in environmental activism. Her goal is to transform this movement into a social enterprise, fostering a new generation of leaders equipped to tackle global environmental challenges.

Sean Speegle - USA

Policy Strategist & Advocate for Digital Equity

Sean has carved a niche as a respected policy strategist, focusing on digital equity and rights. His work with the UN and as a Global Research Fellow at Columbia University is empowering youths from marginalized communities, aiming to make a tangible difference in the digital policy landscape.

Aditya Agarwal & Rishabh Bharhgav - India

Tech Entrepreneurs & Financial Visionaries

The duo behind Plutus, a groundbreaking financial platform, Aditya and Rishabh are challenging the norms of trading and investment. With the support of tech giants and a clear vision, they're on a mission to democratize financial insights for retail investors.

Oluwademilade Seyi-Idowu - Nigeria

AI Innovator & Mental Health Advocate

Demilade's Anxiovoice.ai represents the cutting edge of mental health technology, using AI to diagnose anxiety from voice patterns. A self-taught programmer with big dreams, he's set to revolutionize the treatment of mental disorders through innovative tech solutions.

Dilnaz Shalabaeva - Kazakhstan

Cybersecurity Educator & Social Entrepreneur

As the CEO of Igilik, Dilnaz is making strides in educating youth about internet security and cyber risks. Her vision extends to developing a global app to safeguard children online, proving that digital literacy is crucial for the younger generation.

Alisa Rao - New Zealand

Event Organizer & Youth Empowerment Advocate

Through TEDxYouth@StCuthbert’sCollege, Alisa has created a platform that not only showcases transformative ideas but also empowers young minds to take action. Her leadership has inspired a movement, proving the power of youth in driving social change.

Yigit Efe Nas - Turkey

Eco-Innovator & Sustainability Champion

Yigit's invention, Hemi Change, offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. Derived from watermelon waste, it epitomizes the potential for sustainable innovation in addressing environmental issues, with Yigit leading the charge towards a greener future.

Siona Pramoda, Meghna Pramoda, & Vineeth Veeramachaneni - Puerto Rico

NGO Founders & Advocates for Teen Safety

The trio behind Safe Teens has created an unparalleled peer-to-peer program focusing on online privacy and safety. Their work impacts millions, emphasizing the importance of digital literacy and safety in the modern world.

Om Acharekar - Singapore

Social Entrepreneur & Community Leader

Om's Project Dignity Entrepreneurship Experience exemplifies how innovative thinking can directly benefit the community, especially the differently-abled. His vision for a sustainable future includes integrating social entrepreneurship into education, fostering a new generation of empathetic leaders.

Jose Luis - Mexico

Sustainable Development Advocate

Leading Raíces de Cambio, Jose is making tangible impacts in sustainable development within Nayarit. His vision for national expansion is not just about aid—it's about changing societal structures for the better.

Eeman Syeda - United Arab Emirates

Sustainable Fashion Pioneer

Founder of MTS Walks, Eeman is revolutionizing the fashion scene with sustainability at its core. Her initiative goes beyond the runway, aiming to foster a community spirit focused on creative upcycling and environmental consciousness.

Bauer Lee - USA

STEAM Education Innovator

Bauer's Cardboard Superheroes initiative is bringing STEAM education to underserved communities, proving that creativity and sustainability can go hand in hand. His vision for widespread educational reform is both ambitious and inspiring.

Insar Tungushbayev - Kazakhstan

MedTech Leader & Visionary

At the helm of VisionAI, Insar is pushing the boundaries of medical technology. His work in AI-driven medical imaging is not just innovative—it's life-changing, with the potential to transform healthcare on a global scale.

Anandini Mitra - India

Intergenerational Connector & Community Builder

Anandini's workshops are a testament to the power of connection, bridging the gap between generations and combating isolation. Her vision for a global network of virtual communities highlights the importance of solidarity across ages.

Emily Ulloa - Ecuador

Disability Rights Advocates & Legal Reformers

Emily and Juliana's work in advocating for disability rights and legal reform in Ecuador is groundbreaking. Their commitment to equality and empowerment is paving the way for a more inclusive society.

Lucas Faro - Brazil

Entrepreneurial Educator & Financial Literacy Advocate

Lucas's Inceptum startup is more than a business—it's a movement towards financial literacy and entrepreneurial spirit among the youth. His efforts to expand education in Brazil are setting a new standard for learning and development.

Aikhan Jumashukurov - Kyrgyzstan

Health Advocate & Festival Organizer

Aikhan's Good Food Fest is more than an event; it's a campaign for health awareness and dietary optimization. His ambitions to leverage technology for health education embody the innovative spirit driving today's youth towards a healthier future.

Final Thoughts

These young visionaries are not just the leaders of tomorrow — they're the trailblazers of today. Each embodies the spirit of innovation, dedication, and impact that Crimson18u18 seeks to recognize. As we celebrate their achievements, we're reminded of the limitless potential that lies within the passion and perseverance of the youth. Let their stories inspire you to dream bigger, reach further, and strive harder. The future is bright, and it's being shaped by incredible individuals like our Crimson18u18 winners.