Class of 2027 Acceptance Rates

01/04/202311 minute read
Class of 2027 Acceptance Rates

The Class of 2027 faced one of the most competitive admissions cycles in history. Despite the rigorous standards and expectations, this year's admissions cycle was marked by an exceptional pool of applicants who demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, leadership potential and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world. With their fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and boundless enthusiasm, the Class of 2027 is sure to leave an indelible mark on our institution and beyond.

Acceptance letters have been officially sent out and colleges are announcing their admission rates for the Class of 2027. We are so proud of the hard work our students put into their applications. The Class of 2027 is a dynamic group of individuals who are poised to achieve great things in their academic, personal and professional lives.

As the top colleges and universities around the world continue to release news about their admissions, let’s take a closer look at the top schools acceptance rates for the Class of 2027.

Top College Acceptance Rates Over The Last 3 Years
SchoolClass of 2027 Admission RateClass of 2026 Admission RateClass of 2025 Admission Rate
Amherst College9%7.3%8%
Brown University 5.09%5%5.50%
California Institute of Technology3.9%WithheldWithheld
Columbia University3.90%3.37%3.90%
Cornell University Withheld7.26%~8.70%
Dartmouth College6.23%6.20%6.17%
Harvard University3.41%3.19%3.43%
Johns Hopkins UniversityTBA6.5%6.4%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4.68%3.96%4.00%
New York University8%12.2%12.8%
Notre Dame University11.9%12.9%14.6%
Pomona CollegeTBA7%6.5%
Princeton University WithheldWithheld3.98%
Stanford UniversityTBA3.68%3.95%
Tufts University9.50%9.69%11.00%
University of California, Berkeley11.6%14.5%14%
University of California, Los Angeles8.8%8.6%10.7%
University of PennsylvaniaWithheldWithheld5.68%
University of Southern California9.8%11.9%12%
University of Virginia13.4%12.8%16.3%
Wellesley College13%13%16%
Williams College9.8%8.5%8.8%
Yale University4.35%4.40%4.62%

Why Are Acceptance Rates So Low?

The Class of 2027 has been one of the most competitive classes for admissions for colleges across the United States. Admission rates are lower across the majority of colleges. There are several reasons why acceptance rates are staying low, including:

  • Some colleges have adopted a test-optional policy, increasing the number of applicants and more competitive admissions.
  • The rise of the Common Application has made it easier for students to apply to multiple colleges, leading to more applications and lower acceptance rates.
  • Many colleges across the US receive an increasing number of applications each year, making the admissions process more competitive.

What Top University In The United States Has The Lowest Acceptance Rate?

Harvard University has consistently ranked as the top university in the United States with the lowest acceptance rate in recent years. Other top-ranked universities such as MIT, Columbia, Brown and Yale also have extremely low acceptance rates, typically below 5%. It's important to note that these universities are highly selective and have a rigorous admissions process that considers a range of factors beyond just academic performance.

Want To Get Into A Top University?

With the top universities in the US lowering their acceptance rates, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get into the best colleges of the United States. If you want to increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League, students should consider applying for early admission.

Students should consider walking with a Crimson academic advisor to increase your chances of getting into a top university.

What Makes Crimson Different

Crimson’s Class of 2027 Regular Round Decision Results

Our students have smashed early and regular round records for the Class of 2027!

More than 600 Crimson students have been admitted to the Ivy League! Here is a breakdown of Crimson’s Class of 2027 top university admit numbers.

  • 95+ Crimson Ivy League offers, including 66 offers to the most competitive Ivies — Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia and UPenn.
  • UPenn offers included several to Penn’s Wharton School of Business and the prestigious Huntsman Program.
  • 65+ offers to US Top 10 universities, including Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Duke, Northwestern, John Hopkins and Caltech.
  • 20+ UC Berkeley offers

Despite the decrease in acceptance rates, the number of Crimson students who have received offers to schools like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Yale has increased. We attribute this unprecedented success to our teamwork mentality. Students, their families and Crimson tutors and mentors work together to create stellar admissions-worthy applications.

We are so excited for Crimson’s Class of 2027 and can’t wait to share their success stories with you! Keep an eye on our blog and website for more regular round admission results.