Colby College Admits 6.6% Of Students To The Class of 2028

10/04/202413 minute read
Colby College Admits 6.6% Of Students To The Class of 2028

Colby College's record-breaking applicant pool for the Class of 2028 underscores the institution's growing reputation and appeal among prospective students. The school offered admission to 1,275 students out of a pool of 19,188 candidates. This 6.6% acceptance rate reflects both the college's rigorous selection process and its commitment to maintaining a strong and talented student body.

Colby’s Class of 2028 Acceptance Results: A Record-Breaking Year

Colby College announced that it received 19,188 applications for its Class of 2028, a 7% increase from last year. Only 1,275 received offers of admission, yielding a 6.6% overall acceptance rate.

This challenging admissions landscape underscores the extraordinary caliber of students who succeed in gaining admission – they demonstrate academic excellence, a diverse range of talents, and the potential to make significant contributions to the Colby community.

Colby College's Admissions Statistics by Year
Class of 2028Class of 2027Class of 2026
Number of applicants19,18817,80016,891
Number of acceptances1,2751,1421,258
Acceptance rate6.6%6.4%7.4%
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Class of 2028 Academics

The Class of 2028 at Colby College represents a cohort of exceptionally accomplished students academically, with 94 percent of its students in the top 10 percent of their high school class.

This group boasts a median SAT score of 1510 and a median ACT score of 34, reflecting their strong intellectual abilities and readiness for the rigorous academic environment at Colby.

With their high levels of academic achievement and intellectual curiosity, these students are poised to excel academically, contribute meaningfully to campus life, and make a positive impact on society both during their time at Colby College and in their future endeavors.

Colby College's Academics by Year
Class of 2028Class of 2027Class of 2026
Median SAT151015101500
Median ACT343434
% of accepted students in the top 10 percent of their high school class94%92%90%

Class of 2028 Demographics

The diversity and inclusivity of Colby College is highlighted in its accepted Class of 2028. The admitted students represent all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, as well as over 80 countries worldwide, and more than 800 high schools. Additionally, around 15% of the admitted students would be the first in their families to graduate from college.

This class brings together a mosaic of perspectives and experiences that enrich the college community.

Colby College's Demographics by Year
Class of 2028Class of 2027Class of 2026
States represented505050
Countries represented80+7588
High schools represented800+750-
Percent of first-generation students15%18%11%
International students-13%14%
Students of color-48%40%

Colby’s Acceptance Trends Over the Past Decade: What the Numbers Reveal

Over the past ten years, Colby’s admissions landscape has undergone significant changes. A close look at Colby College’s acceptance rate statistics reveals some clear trends: increasing applications, and a dramatic decline in acceptance rates. Let's break down what this means for prospective students.

Key Trends

  • Escalating Competition: The most striking trend is an overall application increase. This reflects the growing competitiveness of Colby College admissions, especially in recent years.
  • Declining Acceptance Rates: A dramatic decline in acceptance rates means a lower percentage of applicants are admitted, emphasizing the need for strong applications.
  • Need for Academic Excellence: Prospective students must showcase high academic achievement to remain competitive in the admissions process.
Colby College's Acceptance Statistics Last 10 Years
Class of 2028Class of 2027Class of 2026Class of 2025Class of 2024Class of 2023Class of 2022Class of 2021Class of 2020Class of 2019
Number of Applicants19,18817,80016,89115,8571,3071,2951,6021,7509,8337,591
Number of Acceptances1,2751,1421,2581,27913,92213,58412,31411,1901,8401,707
Acceptance Rate6.6%6.4%7.4%8.1%9.4%9.5%13%15.6%18.7%22.5%

The increasing applicant numbers and decreasing acceptance rates at Colby College reflect the broader landscape of elite college admissions.

Regardless of application timing, prospective students should be prepared to present a truly exceptional profile to stand out in this competitive environment.

What Kind of Student Gets into Colby College?

It's clear that to gain admission to Colby College, students need to present a truly exceptional profile that extends beyond standardized test scores and academic records.

How Crimson Can Help You Stand Out

Colby’s record-breaking application pool and low acceptance rates highlight how challenging it has become to gain entry into top universities. In this highly competitive landscape, seeking guidance from experienced college admissions advisors can be a significant advantage. Advisors offer personalized support throughout the complex application process, helping you:

  • Craft a Compelling Narrative: They work with you to identify your unique strengths, passions, and experiences. This helps shape a cohesive application that showcases your potential to contribute to the Colby community.
  • Navigate Strategic Choices: Advisors can provide insights on application timing (early vs. regular), test score submission, and highlight areas where you can further boost your profile.
  • Excel in Every Aspect: From essay coaching to interview preparation, advisors ensure each application component is polished and demonstrates your preparedness for Colby’s rigorous academic environment.

Proven Success in a Competitive Landscape

Crimson Education has a track record of helping students achieve their admissions goals. Our personalized approach and expertise in selective admissions have led to impressive results. This year alone, over 370 Crimson students were accepted to top US universities in the early round. Here's a breakdown of our Class of 2028 numbers:

  • 251 offers to the Ivy League.
  • 553 offers to the US Top 20, including offers to Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Chicago, Rice, Vanderbilt, and University of Notre Dame.
  • 1,853+ offers to the US Top 50, including offers to NYU, University of Michigan, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, Emory, University of Virginia, and Washington University in St. Louis.
  • 3000+ offers to each student’s first choice school.
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