A Year to Celebrate: Crimson Education's 2023 Journey

05/01/202416 minute read
A Year to Celebrate: Crimson Education's 2023 Journey

At Crimson Education we’ve always been proud of our track record. Now, as we look back on 2023 and the dedicated efforts of our team members and of our many motivated students, there are more great college admissions stories to celebrate than ever. In this post you’ll get a blow-by-blow of the amazing admissions efforts and outcomes that made 2023 truly exceptional for Crimson Education and its students, learn more about the secrets behind our success, and discover some of the helpful college admissions resources new in 2023. Without further ado, let’s look back at an amazing year…

Crimson Education: 10 Years and Counting…

Crimson Education was founded in 2013 with a vision to equalize the university admissions playing field, equipping motivated students across the globe to achieve their educational dreams regardless of their background.

Ten years later… 2023 alone has given us more to celebrate than ever and many good reasons to spotlight the remarkable achievements of our young scholars, their supportive parents, and Crimson’s team of FOAs, and admissions strategists, counselors, mentors, and tutors. We’ve grown our team, expanded our reach, shared new learning resources and insights, and achieved some of our best ever admissions success rates!

In 2023 we’ve helped more students get better results than ever…

Would you believe that this year alone we’ve guided more than 9,000 students — helping them home in on their top-choice schools, encouraging them as they polish essays, reviewing their early admissions strategies, and partnering with them to overcome geographic or other personal barriers that might hinder their access to leading universities?

And what about the fact that over 400 Crimson students won admissions to the Top 20 US colleges and universities, with another 50+ Crimson students heading to Cambridge or Oxford?

Partnerships for Success

These accomplishments solidify Crimson Education’s standing as the global leader in premier college admissions advising. They show what can happen when motivated and determined young scholars partner with Crimson counselors to chart a personalized approach to college admissions at top schools.

In 2023, for example, many Crimson students and their strategists made early round admissions strategies a prominent focus for navigating an exceptionally challenging admissions landscape. In just the last few months of 2023 we’ve learned that more than 200 Crimson students have already been accepted for the Class of 2028 at either an Ivy League school or at one of the top 20 US non-Ivy colleges, including the likes of MIT and Stanford.

Just one example is Akaya, a student from Japan who came to Crimson with a clear vision for getting into Brown University but unsure if it was truly in her reach. Through a combination of insights our Advisors shared, a nuanced early round application strategy, and thanks to Akaya’s own grit and determination, Akaya charted a successful path to Brown University.

“My strategist helped me out with my schedule and kept me way ahead of my deadlines, so while my peers at school were struggling right before the deadlines, I was very calm and relaxed about the application process. It would’ve been a much more stressful application process without Crimson.”

Akaya’s success, and thousands of other Crimson success stories, didn’t happen by accident — our team members are committed to using a personalized approach to admissions planning, with each piece tailored to each student’s unique challenges and aspirations.

Exceeding Our Students’ Expectations

In 2023 a remarkable number of Crimson students saw their college journeys culminate in outcomes that surpassed their expectations, including admission to the Ivy League, other US Top 50 universities, and also Oxford, Cambridge, and some of the most selective universities in the UK and Europe.

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And, while 2023 stands out in terms of success stories, let’s not forget Crimson’s ongoing successes, year after year — providing the right level of support for each young scholar charting a path to an exciting and suitably challenging educational future.

  • Year after year 98% of Crimson students gain admission to at least one of their top-five school choices.
  • Overall, Crimson students are admitted to the most prestigious universities at a rate that is up to 4.5x higher or more by comparison with all other applicants.

Motivated Students and Expert Advisors — A Recipe for Success

How do we get students into top schools with results like these?

We do it thanks to the exceptional Ivy League experience and other specialized insights of skilled counselors who help students build winning applications with a commitment to teamwork and personalized planning.

Expertise… We are committed to expert advising — guided by Former Admissions Officers, strategists, and coaches with personal experience getting into and graduating from US Top 20 institutions.

Teamwork… We boost student success with a team approach — using our collective knowledge and expertise to provide the best strategists and mentors for each step of our students’ college journeys, and by working alongside our students, valuing their insights, passions, and collaboration.

Personalization… We ensure all of our students get personalized attention and planning aligned with their unique strengths, goals, and aspirations.

This combination of expertise, teamwork, and personalization can’t be beat.

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How do we know?

Let’s survey the amazing results Crimson Education students achieved in 2023. Their admissions journeys this past year are strong proof that experienced Advisors, sound strategy, and a personalized approach deliver consistent and outstanding results…

2023 Success Stories

College Applications


The number of Crimson students who submitted applications to top universities around the globe in 2023

R Md Uj ZTM Q 1 Fnb 1 Wb Hs Ci Ge 3 Ot R Gv Ace QX Eyi 0 Olv Hsr PFM Vw VK 0 Qj 3 G Lw Stj G Ndn Vi Du Se 08 B I 4 Uy M G M 3 Jv Qrih Fxf 276 WT 8 Q KNO 5 Dv 2 M 6 Yk 9 R Sy XSK Ywjjd Z Ko 5 Kvc X 3 A Lv TMYKG Od Vf AH 8


The number of universities around the world that Crimson students applied to in 2023

D G 5 Ov 6 LI 0 Qjqxk Nslfdq KLE Qu 93 Cgz D Eo W Ka DEBTU Tt Vr GX Vd Vkl E 66 R 4 J Bc 087 B M De 52 PH 9 Pbpx S Lb W 4 Wby Ydm Zgjjl 6 Qn 6 B U Nwvn 9 Hir GM 4 Z N 0 CF Ao Uwg XEQ Pj U 31 Rok Wpfshb V Aw Xvca 2 D BX 9 V 0


The number of hours Crimson students spent preparing for the SAT


The number of hours Crimson students spent building stand-out extracurricular projects

College Admissions

Many Crimson students earned admissions to outstanding non-Ivy League schools in the US.

More than double that amount got offers to one or more Ivy League schools they were dreaming of attending…

O 4 Or FI 3 Hwwd 3 Pz J Smdmx Mgg PE Ul 7 Vh 0 R WI 6 F RIK 9 Kj WO 8 Gim L Ftw Z Jchmn St 0 Dm H F EKFXUJ 0 Da 0 G 2 Q Nx IJ 4 FN Iq 8 E 6 Wcp MMQM 8 U Z E NF 0 J Bc Ib S 8 Wvqwyl 6 Zs Z Ajo B Yoi Ea 1 Z Xb 17 Qq 3 O Es E


The number of  Crimson students getting offers from an Ivy League school

Ivy League School# of Crimson Education Students Admitted in 2023


The number of Crimson students admitted to one of the top 10 non-Ivy League US schools

High-Ranking Non-Ivy League US Universities# of Crimson Education Students Admitted in 2023
Johns Hopkins33


The number of Crimson students receiving offers to attend Cambridge or Oxford


Crimson students who earned admissions to other top UK universities in just one year

Ep 3 GDYK 8 Gj DFD 4 CT 0 G Dlw QK Of F MR Qd 4 S SDJQ Gb U Bm PC Og BF Ld YO 193 Bg WA 5 Rv B Xwh G Wp R 742 W Khp Fzu Y 0 T 1 Y Rm 3 L 7 Djska Oc G Zbt SZM Jk Xz 3 T X Rd 5 PS 1 Inhy 722 Keqkw R 4 F XP 1 W V Ql T Qexb In G Us

More Crimson Student Success Stories – Challenge Accepted!


Crimson students selected for admission to the highly competitive Wharton School of Business and Huntsman Programs at UPenn


Crimson students who earned offers to the US TOP 50, including offers to NYU, University of Michigan, Georgetown, Rarengies Mellon, Emory, University of Virginia, and Washington University in St. Louis


Crimson students accepted by their first-choice school

2023 Early Round Admissions Results (Class of 2028)

Crimson Education is celebrating its largest ever cohort of Early Round applicants – a group of highly motivated young scholars who accepted the challenge of submitting strong applications early.

Ava RQ Mp 3 ULHW 9 Nn Jm Ll Rf Lb 7 QY Pga Lk 0 V Ra Qbh TZ Jg 2 R FQ 8 Ww T 4 DTP 2 Jwdng 6 C 454 Sdy 8 F 3 AY 1 QR 3 Q Xl C Eg Bgif R 4 C Xj ITN 7 ME 4 Zr Tqqwse XH Cej T Soo 1 F Amb MK 6 CU 3 VR Rw Xlo 6 E R 3 Rd U


The number of Crimson early round applicants who got offers from Ivy League schools


The number of Crimson early round applicants on their way to one of the US Top 20 — including Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Chicago, Rice, Vanderbilt, and University of Notre Dame

College Journeys Spanning the Entire Globe

With diverse backgrounds, homelands, and home languages and cultures, Crimson students nonetheless share a common commitment to learning and similar dreams when it comes to educational aspirations.


The number of different countries from every part of the world where students are reaching out to Crimson Education for insights and support.

ZB 1 R 1 Ur 3 U 5 X B Rx Bj 7 V B Zw Z 8 Wl PIU Tui Qv Sj AR 6 Wk V 2 USSQRA Ux Yv J 0 V 3 Mo 3 M Q Uk QIGG Ya Xzz M 0 Ae DD Er E Aw Hz WV Qjpl C 8 G 7 U 5 Iqs Se NZ 8 L E 4 L 0 OJVK 29 H Ukk Emrib K Dw ZE Qc Yq E Cg T Hi 1 Li Xx 2 AQ

In 2023, Singapore, Japan, India, and Brazil, alongside the US, made up the top five countries represented by our diverse young scholars.

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New Resources for Crimson Students & Families

Each year new cohorts of Crimson students pursue educational dreams with uncompromising focus and commitment, motivating the whole Crimson team to find new ways to support those journeys. From leadership, to our Advisors and counselors, and even our top-notch IT team, 2023 was one more year to put new resources in the hands of Crimson students and parents.

New in 2023 — Crimson Education Rankings: The Top 25 US Colleges and Universities

In 2023 Crimson Education released its first-ever list of Top 25 US Colleges and Universities, harnessing its unparalleled global student network to create a college ranking system free from criterion-based bias. Crimson’s innovative cross-yield method now offers students and parents unique insights for comparing prospective colleges.

New in 2023 — Essay Topic & Idea Generator

Crimson Education partnered with machine learning experts to create a first-of-its-kind essay topic generator. Don’t worry, this bot won’t write an essay for you... From the input you provide at the beginning to how you use the topics and ideas generated, you remain in charge!

Find fresh ideas for essay topics and outlines tailored to your individual background, interests, and aspirations — a faster way to craft a college essay that stands out.

New to Crimson Resources — Summer Apply Best Summer Programs

With free access to SummerApply Crimson students and families are quickly navigating to the best pre-college summer programs around the US and the globe. Whether it’s online courses, residential learning, hands-on research, field study programs, UK academic models, or internships you’re seeking… SummerApply provides tools that make it fast and easy to find the perfect summer opportunity across dozens and dozens of top schools.

Updated and Improved in 2023 — The Crimson App

In addition to our world-class network of Advisors and Ivy-League-caliber counselors and tutors, Crimson students and parents are empowered thanks to Crimson’s commitment to technology leadership in college admissions.

In 2023 the Crimson App got even better — now accessible on I-Phones and also featuring new and easier ways for parents as well as students to navigate Roadmaps and Application Documents, the Crimson IT and Product Teams are committed to improving our client-friendly technology.

As of 2023 the Crimson App also features more powerful, streamlined tutor search and scheduling tools and new AI-powered automations that improve advising summaries and make it easier for parents and students to search session histories and retrieve session summaries.

New in 2023 — More Successful Common App Applications to Top Schools

Crimson Education has expanded its library of successful applications, with a focus on Common App applications. Find the schools and student profiles matching your interests in order to uncover unique insights into the achievements, applicant profiles, and essays that have translated into admissions offers from highly selective colleges and universities.

Looking Ahead

As we wait and see all that’s in store for 2024, a few areas of high anticipation for the Crimson team in the New Year include

  • doubling down and leveling up in our mission to reach more deserving young scholars in more and more places around the world,
  • building new partnerships and ventures with top universities
  • pursuing our commitment to putting cutting-edge technology innovations to work for our students and their families.

Perhaps one thing that is certain as 2023 ends: the bar for admissions is only going higher when it comes to everything from GPAs to SATs, with more students seeking to excel more than ever amid a highly competitive admissions landscape. Knowing this, Crimson remains committed to helping its students with planning support and strategic insights from a decade of leadership in college admissions!

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Final Thoughts

Despite enormous applicant pools at the most selective universities, Crimson Education helps thousands of students gain admission to their top choice institutions year after year, with 80+ offers to the Ivy League and 130+ offers to the US top 20 in 2023 alone.

From early application strategies, to extracurricular planning, to college essays, Crimson Advisors partner with the world’s most motivated young scholars, helping them plan, pursue, and achieve the most rewarding college journey possible. Yet no one knows better than we do just how much our students’ commitments contribute to these success stories. Thankfully, after a decade of student and parent testimonials and amazing results it’s clear our team members provide crucial partnerships and support, resulting in many game-changing impacts on students’ admissions outcomes.

Given today’s admissions climate, there’s no better time to find out all that Crimson has to offer.  Don’t let the year go by without action. You have the motivation and drive, and we want to partner with you. Let us show you the best ways to elevate your college horizons with the help of our personalized planning, support, and expert admissions-landscape insights — whether you’re applying to the US, the UK, or other destinations, or simply need help exploring your best options.

Ready to make your journey exceed expectations? Book a free consultation with a Crimson counselor today. Together let’s explore your potential and build a partnership for exceptional success!