The Ultimate US & UK University Admissions Workshop


  • Gain insights and knowledge about the US & UK university admissions process from former admissions officers and top college experts
  • Discover the latest updates and trends in the US & UK college admissions landscape
  • Receive expert guidance and advice on how to create a competitive university application and stand out from other applicants

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Ready to unlock your potential and gain acceptance to the top US & UK universities?

The event is a ‘must attend’ for students aiming at Stanford, Oxford, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, UCLA, UCL and more.

Get a head start on the competition by attending the event before applications open in August!

Craft a Standout Application

Learn to create a competitive university application and stand out from other applicants, especially considering crucial criteria such as extracurriculars, personal narrative development, and essay writing.

Insights from Former Admissions Officers & Experts

Gain insights and knowledge about the US & UK university admissions process from former insiders and experts.

Latest Admissions Trends & Analysis

Discover the latest updates and trends in the US & UK university admissions landscape.

Perspective of an international applicant

Learn the specific challenges and concerns that international students face in the US & UK university admissions process and how to overcome them.

Meet the speakers

This event will be broken into three sessions, featuring speakers from Crimson's expert Ivy League and Oxbridge network.



Our Host: Will Yaxley

About the session:
In our welcome session, our host Will Yaxley will provide some insights about what is going on the admissions landscape for the top universities in the US and the UK, explaining why thousands of students from around the world aspire to be accepted into universities such as Stanford, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge.



Cracking the Code: Unveiling the Latest US Admissions Trends

Speaker: Pam Ng, Harvard & Stanford Former Admissions Officer

About the session:
During this presentation, Pam Ng, a former admissions officer at Harvard and Stanford, will share her insider perspective and evaluation of recent US admissions trends. She will provide valuable insights into the US college admissions landscape and decode the secrets to crafting a compelling application that stands out among the competition. By considering these trends, Pam will help current and future applicants prepare effectively for the evolving admissions landscape.



Beyond the Classroom: The Impact of Extracurriculars and Personal Narrative for US Admissions

Speaker: George Baxter, Harvard graduate & Senior Strategist at Crimson Education

About the session:
In this presentation, George Baxter, a Harvard graduate and Senior Strategist at Crimson Education, will share his expertise and guide you through the essential elements that make your extracurricular activities and personal story shine in the eyes of admissions officers. Discover how to strategically develop impactful extracurriculars throughout your high school years and effectively showcase your unique experiences, passions, and achievements to create a compelling application.



Beyond Words: Expressing Your Unique Self in US Personal Statement & Essays

Speaker: Jeremy Parks, Johns Hopkins Former Admissions Officer and USA Partnerships Executive

About the session:

Join Jeremy Parks, Former Johns Hopkins Admissions Officer and US Partnership Associate at Crimson Education, in this interactive workshop as he demystifies the world of US college essays. Discover the purpose behind college essays and learn to craft a compelling personal statement that showcases your unique qualities and aspirations.



Mastering UK Admissions: Strategies for Building and Demonstrating Aptitude

Speaker: Abbigail Colwyn, Director of UK Admissions at Crimson Education

About the session:
Join Abbigail Colwyn, Director of UK and EU Admissions at Crimson Education, in this informative presentation focused on building and demonstrating aptitude for UK admissions. Gain valuable insights into the unique criteria and expectations of UK universities and learn strategies to showcase your academic and personal achievements effectively. Abbigail will share expert guidance on selecting the right subjects, developing a strong personal statement, and highlighting your passion for the chosen field of study. Discover how to align your profile with the expectations of UK admissions officers and increase your chances of securing admission to top UK universities.






The summit schedule is subject to change without notice - sessions can be updated or replaced as we get closer to the event :)